Mommy Tip: Quick Toy Pick-up

Saturday, August 02, 2008
Well, you would think I would be snoozing b/c of my insomnia last night, but no! Michael called me at 6:30 this morning (he went to work this morning) and after he called I couldn't go back to sleep. I finally went to bed some time after 1:00 this morning and it still took a while to fall asleep.

So since I couldn't go back to sleep (thanks baby) I got up, made some coffee, had some cereal, talked to my mother (who got on the road early this morning to go pick up my Grannie) and then after Emma got up we started getting her toys organized. I have a system for picking up and putting up - drives Michael crazy!!! We have a 9 cubby shelf in the her play room, which was really supposed to be a formal sitting room, but when you have a toddler you don't get much "formal"!! Six of the cubbies have canvas boxes and the other three have doors. Two of the canvas boxes I have labeled - one for her kitchen stuff and one for Little People and Weeble Wobbles. Behind one of the doors I have a blanket to put on the floor - when Emma was crawling I always had one down now I don't use it as much so I might remove that from there for more storage for toys. The two other doors keep bigger toys that don't go in the canvas boxes. Emma also has a couple of strollers and a grocery cart she plays with. The tiny stroller (really it's a carriage) is home for all the little babies - she doesn't push that stroller as much so it's a great storage for the smaller dolls she has. I wanted to get a small basinette to hold these dolls, but I decided this was better and wouldn't add another "piece" to the room! I also have two wonderful stackable bins with wheels - the bottom one has bigger dolls that she doesn't play with as much and the dolls she plays with all the time are on the top.

So, it's great that everything has a home, but getting them in their home is the fun part! We have four buckets that come in so handy - they were actually all three Easter baskets this year. One is a yellow tin bucket, one is a purple beach bucket (for building sand castles) and the other is a pink plastic tub. These are great b/c Emma plays with them a lot, but at the end of the day mommy and daddy use them to walk around the house picking up toys - we just chunk them into the buckets to take back to the playroom to put them up. If it's late and we're tired we can leave them in the buckets and put everything in their home later, but the toys are still up and off the floor and "contained"!! The buckets are awesome for quick clean ups!

Well, after all the organizing Miss Emma is hungry - "I-onna eee" (translation: I wanna eat!)...