Buried up to my eyeballs

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Well the floors got finished and they look amazing! I am so proud of them. I have wanted hardwood floors since we moved in! I'll have to take some pictures later to post. Saturday after the guys finished and left Michael and I set about getting the house back in order and cleaning. The dust wasn't quite as bad as I thought, but it was still very bad so it took several cleaning attempts to get it all gone! Afterwards I went over to my parents' house where Emma was and Michael went to a hunting show. Since Grannie is in town visiting I wanted Emma to spend some time with her since she doesn't get to see her often and I wanted to see her as well. Michael was going to be gone late (and initially was planning on staying with this brother Saturday night) so Emma and I stayed over at my parents' house Saturday night as well. Sunday after church and lunch and playing there a bit Mother and Grannie came back to my house with Emma and me to check out the new floors. Last they had seen it the floor was just being floated.  They loved it, too. Monday Michael's parents came over as well to check them out, too.

So...the reason for the title? Well since budget season is started I have been bringing my laptop home every day to work. Normally I only bring it home on the weekends, but there is just too much work now. I have a presentation that I am going to be giving about six times here in Houston and maybe one time in the Denver office next week that we have been working on for over a week now. We have packets/books that we have to put together for all those that attend as well - they should be finished by Thursday and I think they are just about done. We should finish tonight hopefully.  Yesterday I didn't take a single break at work - didn't even take lunch. I brought up something from the cafeteria to eat while I worked, but still ended up throwing most of it away b/c it sat for so long.

This Friday is supposed to be my Friday off, but we'll see. Since the books are due Thursday I should still be able to take it off, though. Friday evening we're having a birthday party for my Grannie - she is turning 94 this year. I just find that so amazing!! Thursday is Miss Katelynn's birthday and her birthday party is this Saturday! Saturday night we may be getting together with some friends and their son, but that isn't confirmed yet and Sunday I plan on relaxing! I'll probably end up cleaning b/c I have laundry to do and I need to wash our sheets...and I have decided about some more painting in the house I want to do so if I can convince Michael maybe we'll go buy paint Sunday, too!

Like I said - things are busy! But at least my job isn't like this year round. We really try to take advantage of the downtime and also celebrate the completion of the budget after months of hard work so I keep that in my mind when I don't get to take any days off while we're in the thick of budget season - which we really haven't gotten into yet!