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Little Deer

Week 3: Heading Home

We had a great weekend - busy, fun, productive, exhausting - all the things that make up a good two days away from work!

Friday night Michael had a fantasy football draft (wait - that's just one) so when I picked up Emma I decided we didn't want to go home and just piddle around the house. I wish I had planned ahead to go to the Tiara Happy Hour, but I didn't so instead Emma & I had a girls' night in with my mother and grandmother. I picked up Emma & we headed over straight after work. It was a good evening, too. Emma was entertaining as ever!

Saturday was our productive day. Our doorbell and garage door opener both decided they didn't want to work anymore. So, we went off to Home Depot. We found the doorbell first - easy fix & cheap. The garage door opener wasn't as cheap obviously, but easy since we'll have it installed hopefully this week. It's a very cool garage door opener though - well as cool as a garage door opener can be I guess! It h…

Week 2: 94 Years

We had a party for my Grannie this weekend - she is staying with my parents for a few weeks. She turned 94 this year! She is a beautiful lady inside and out. She has the best sense of humor of anyone I know and the biggest sweet tooth, too! She is just amazing.

Hmmm...looks like rain.

Her own bowl

Well she is my daughter after all - she likes her salsa!!

Two Birthday Girls!

Today is Miss Katelynn's (my niece) FIRST birthday! Happy Birthday Darling!

Today is also Miss Isabel's (my great-niece) Birthday - her 2nd!! Happy Birthday to you, too!!!!

Week 1: Working from home...

I am going to do another attempt at 52 Weeks.

This picture is from Friday and was also submitted for Flickr 888.

I thought it was fitting b/c of the previous post!! I hope I do a better job this go round - last time I don't think i made it past a month and a half!

Buried up to my eyeballs

Well the floors got finished and they look amazing! I am so proud of them. I have wanted hardwood floors since we moved in! I'll have to take some pictures later to post. Saturday after the guys finished and left Michael and I set about getting the house back in order and cleaning. The dust wasn't quite as bad as I thought, but it was still very bad so it took several cleaning attempts to get it all gone! Afterwards I went over to my parents' house where Emma was and Michael went to a hunting show. Since Grannie is in town visiting I wanted Emma to spend some time with her since she doesn't get to see her often and I wanted to see her as well. Michael was going to be gone late (and initially was planning on staying with this brother Saturday night) so Emma and I stayed over at my parents' house Saturday night as well. Sunday after church and lunch and playing there a bit Mother and Grannie came back to my house with Emma and me to check out the new floors. Last the…

It's looking nice!

New Mommy Tip: Let her spend the night...when YOU are ready

So, Emma spent her first night away last night. She stayed with her Teta & Geddo (Arabic for Grandmother & Grandfather) and my Grannie who is here visiting. They came over to get her yesterday when the men came to put in our new floors - they ended up staying with me the whole time, but when they went home Emma went with them to spend the night and Michael and I went out with friends to see The Dark Knight - highly, HIGHLY, recommended btw! Heath Ledger completely stole the show!

Anyway - they left the first time and I was tearing up and Emma was laughing telling me "bye bye" and "of ooo" (I love you sounds that way!). Then Michael sent me a text and saying to tell them to stay until he got home so he could see Emma. He's got a busy weekend and wouldn't be back until Sunday so he wouldn't see her until then - so I called them to come back (they had just pulled away). The next time they left after Michael got home from work Emma started crying, bu…

Getting new floors

It is going to be a two day project now b/c they have to do some
floating before they put the wood down.

Cha-Ching Cherry

Long Overdue

Ah, much needed pedicure that I've been trying to get done for a
couple weeks!

Emma on the webcam w/ mom & Grannie

Edouard from my front door

Scrapes & Bruises

Emma has busted her lip three times in her life - this evening was number three. She was riding outside with the neighbor on her little three wheeler and instead of keeping her hiney on the seat, she was standing as she pushed it along and over the top she toppled. It was a two Popsicle  busted lip as it  bled...a lot.  Cuts on your head and busted lips seem to bleed so badly. When her daddy came back out from running in to get a popsicle and wet towel there was blood all over her face and my hands b/c I was using my fingers to wipe the blood that was running down her chin and really making a mess. I knew when he came back and saw her he would think it was worse than it was so I quickly told him it wasn't that bad. That I had just smeared it everywhere.

When she got her popsicle (Grayson had one with her, too) she quickly was okay again! She sat in my lap sniffling and eating her popsicle. By the time she was ready for number two though she was running around again and back on her …

Mommy Tip: Quick Toy Pick-up

Well, you would think I would be snoozing b/c of my insomnia last night, but no! Michael called me at 6:30 this morning (he went to work this morning) and after he called I couldn't go back to sleep. I finally went to bed some time after 1:00 this morning and it still took a while to fall asleep.

So since I couldn't go back to sleep (thanks baby) I got up, made some coffee, had some cereal, talked to my mother (who got on the road early this morning to go pick up my Grannie) and then after Emma got up we started getting her toys organized. I have a system for picking up and putting up - drives Michael crazy!!! We have a 9 cubby shelf in the her play room, which was really supposed to be a formal sitting room, but when you have a toddler you don't get much "formal"!! Six of the cubbies have canvas boxes and the other three have doors. Two of the canvas boxes I have labeled - one for her kitchen stuff and one for Little People and Weeble Wobbles. Behind one of the d…

Still can't sleep...

Got another page done...

Productivity through insomnia

You know I think I get more accomplished on nights when I can't sleep than any other time. In school that's when I got the majority studying done - papers written - homework finished. And it is also when I get work on projects done, too! I've been working on an album for Emma's first year and tonight I got another page finished - this page is the first time she tried baby cereal. She didn't know what to do it with it at first and would push the cereal out with her tongue, but eventually she got the hang of it!

Shopping trooper