We said our goodbye's

Thursday, July 17, 2008
but it sure wasn't easy. It still isn't real that Uncle Charles is gone. It's very surreal - you're with your family saying goodbye to a loved one and then a couple days later you get up to your alarm clock and get dressed and go to work like any other work day. And you drive your same route and go through your same routine and still eat, breathe, live - like any other day. Life goes on even when you have to say goodbye to someone.

Everyone is still having a pretty hard time - there are still lots of tears. The service was beautiful. There were tons of flowers and tons of people that came to say goodbye (or see you later) to Uncle Charles - that is a testimony of his life right there. And even Uncle Charles had some final words for us as they played one of his CDs during the ceremony. He had such a beautiful voice. My grandfather did, too so maybe now they are singing together again. It was so sweet and sorrowful at the same time to hear his voice while at the funeral.

Uncle Charles had Coronary Artery Disease - so did my PawPaw. He's had it for years so we all knew this was a possibility I guess. But over the years Uncle Charles had sustained many other near death events. He got hit in the head with a baseball as a teenager and was paralyzed over half his body for a while. After that he suffered seizures for many years - but he overcame that. He had a 2,000lb log fall on him and break his back - but he overcame that. He suffered a couple heart attacks, once actually being legally dead on the table for a couple minutes - but he overcame that. He has had bypass surgeries - but he overcame that. So, you see why it was hard to believe that he didn't overcome this.

We're going back to East Texas in a couple of weeks for my niece's wedding. I'll be glad to visit some more with my Grannie and Aunt Elaine. Aunt Elaine's kids are with her now and Grannie stays with them or has people stay at her house with her at night. She was already living alone, but Aunt Elaine is going to have to adjust to that. I know that has to be so hard to do after living with someone for so long. I've only lived with Michael nearly four years and I know it would be awful to go to bed every night knowing he wasn't there. I know she'll be okay in time, but that's just it - it takes time. She has a lot of support, though and she is a strong lady.

My mother is also having a hard time adjusting and I think it's a little harder for her b/c she is here in Houston while Aunt Elaine and Grannie are up in East Texas. They are in the middle of a big home remodeling project, but I think as soon as it's over she'll go back up to stay for a little while. This was her baby brother after all so it will also take time for her to heal as well.

Life is never the same after losing someone, but it still has to go on. That's the design of things.