Sit Down!!

Thursday, July 24, 2008
So, Emma is a climber - big time! She climbs on top of everything & wants to stand on everything! I'm constantly having to stop her from crawling up on top of something to keep her from falling and hurting herself. I guess if she fell she would learn a lesson - but I have to say, honestly I don't think that would stop her!

The most irritating and cutest is her high chair. She climbs up on top of her high chair, over the tray, sits down in her seat and loudly announces "Onna ea" (baby talk for "I want to eat")!! It's a losing battle right now - I cannot break her of this. This high chair may not survive Emma so that her little brother or sister can use it.

Last night while climbing on her high chair she had an audience so she threw in a little something special at the end!