Saturday, July 05, 2008

Five Day Weekend Update

Sitting here waiting on Emma to wake up and Michael to finish mowing so I thought I would give an update for the weekend...

I only had a two day work week this week - it was so nice!! I had hoped to go out of town for the long weekend, but sick kids changed that plan. Yes, kids plural - the neighbors' kids were sick, too (and even me a little and little Carlton's daddy) so I guess they did a good job of sharing this weekend. :( I'm well over the stomach part, but have a bit of a stuffy head. Michael woke up with a sore throat this morning, but I think that was just b/c of the smoke from fireworks last night. We had a block party on our street last night and had a wonderful turnout! Our neighbor Kim does an excellent job of being our "street captain" and organizing our little get togethers! She made up flyers and gave them out to everyone on the street and planned several games for all as well. I have pictures that I'll post later, but mostly I took video last night.

Since my sister came back into town this weekend (she and her husband have been in Colorado) and we are here mother planned to have us over to grill tonight. She told me the menu yesterday and she has a ton of food prepared. I still had some leftovers from last night, too so I am going to take that with me. I made my beer potatoes last night (Yum-O) and Michael grilled ribs, chicken, hot dogs, and corn on the cob. Everyone brought a ton of food last night that was all delicious! I had also bought us steak that was wrapped around feta & spinach that was awesome! I only bought two of those so that was one thing we didn't share with everyone!! It looked like something I could do myself, though and I think it would be yummy in chicken so I might try that, too. One neighbor brought a wonderful salad that was tomatoes, cucumbers, red onion, & mozzarella that she drizzled with jalepeno vinegarette. I'll have to make that some time, too - it was so good.

Staying here we did get a lot of work done, though. I've been wanting to paint in our room for a while so this weekend we got it done. It looks so nice! I still need to finish working on the curtains, but I'll take more pictures when they are finished. We're getting hardwood floors downstairs except in the bedrooms, but now I wish we were getting them in our room, too b/c I think it would look so good with the new paint. I also think now I want to paint the wall that leads into our bathroom, too. We only painted the wall behind our bed and part of another wall that leads up to our windows - the wall isn't straight there so it was a perfect added accent to paint that portion.  If we do paint the wall that leads into the bathroom, though I won't paint it this same color, though - so we'll have to wait and see about that one.


So even though we didn't get to leave town this weekend we did get a lot done and had a good 4th of July right here at home! It looks like it is clouding up outside right now...I don't know if we're about to get some bad weather or not. Well, Michael is finished mowing so I guess we'll start getting things ready to go to my parents' house while Emma finishes her nap. I hope she'll be feeling better when she wakes up than when she went to bed...


  1. Your room looks good! David thought it was a hotel room!

    We stayed outside so late last night with the fireworks, that people actually came and asked if we were almost done so they could get some sleep! The store and the fireworks stand were both closed and we were still out there doing stuff.

  2. Wow! That is soooo nice! You guys got alot done! Good Job!

  3. Hey can you send Michael over to MY house????? I need lots of painting done!


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