Tuesday, July 29, 2008

August CD Calendar Page

Well, I'm not really putting these in the jewel case anymore...a

nd maybe b/c I haven't made one since February...but I made a calendar page for August with my sweet girl's picture! Instead of putting them in the jewel case (b/c I am trying to reduce the number of items on top of my desk) I am putting them on my

message board. One wall of my hutch part of my desk has a place to use push pins or clips and now I just add one each month to that. I am such a calendar whore anyway - it's not like I really look at it for the date anyway b/c I have about a dozen other calendars that I use. I know, it's an obsession - calendars and storage tools! Such a freak!


  1. Cute, cute! Wish I was that talented! Don't show my kids that stuff. They'll feel like they grew up slighted!

  2. Very cute picture of Emma - BUT I need to see a picture of your desk minimized cause you have always had cool stuff on your desk.

  3. I am not nearly as talented as those I copy!! LOL!

    And - I'll have to take a new picture of my office now that it's more minimal!


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