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Don't get egg on your face...

Ugh - I really hope this isn't a precursor to how my day is going to end up. I just dropped my egg white scramble all over the place downstairs in the cafeteria. The cook had to make me a new one. :(

I was trying to get my toast cut in half so that it would fit in my container, then realized I didn't want it with my eggs b/c it might make it soggy - so when I went to get another container the first was apparently teetering on the edge and then flop - over it went. Yuck egg mess and some no my shoe - which is open-toed so that means egg on my toes. Ewwwwwww....

I'm just glad I hadn't topped it with the salsa yet.

August CD Calendar Page

Well, I'm not really putting these in the jewel case anymore...a

nd maybe b/c I haven't made one since February...but I made a calendar page for August with my sweet girl's picture! Instead of putting them in the jewel case (b/c I am trying to reduce the number of items on top of my desk) I am putting them on my

message board. One wall of my hutch part of my desk has a place to use push pins or clips and now I just add one each month to that. I am such a calendar whore anyway - it's not like I really look at it for the date anyway b/c I have about a dozen other calendars that I use. I know, it's an obsession - calendars and storage tools! Such a freak!

Baby's First Internet

I love it...these two are my favorite:

Wonderland Avenue - Live Tonight @ Notsuoh

My nephew plays bass for Wonderland Avenue and they are playing downtown tonight - check them out! Their music is awesome!

Sit Down!!

So, Emma is a climber - big time! She climbs on top of everything & wants to stand on everything! I'm constantly having to stop her from crawling up on top of something to keep her from falling and hurting herself. I guess if she fell she would learn a lesson - but I have to say, honestly I don't think that would stop her!

The most irritating and cutest is her high chair. She climbs up on top of her high chair, over the tray, sits down in her seat and loudly announces "Onna ea" (baby talk for "I want to eat")!! It's a losing battle right now - I cannot break her of this. This high chair may not survive Emma so that her little brother or sister can use it.

Last night while climbing on her high chair she had an audience so she threw in a little something special at the end!

Circus Joy

Emma saw her first circus yesterday! We all (there were fifteen of us) had a great time. I think we enjoyed watching the excitement on all the faces of the kids (Emma and her cousins) as much as the show! She got a little wiggly for a while, but when she got a flashing clown nose to wear all was good again!!!!

At the circus

We said our goodbye's

but it sure wasn't easy. It still isn't real that Uncle Charles is gone. It's very surreal - you're with your family saying goodbye to a loved one and then a couple days later you get up to your alarm clock and get dressed and go to work like any other work day. And you drive your same route and go through your same routine and still eat, breathe, live - like any other day. Life goes on even when you have to say goodbye to someone.

Everyone is still having a pretty hard time - there are still lots of tears. The service was beautiful. There were tons of flowers and tons of people that came to say goodbye (or see you later) to Uncle Charles - that is a testimony of his life right there. And even Uncle Charles had some final words for us as they played one of his CDs during the ceremony. He had such a beautiful voice. My grandfather did, too so maybe now they are singing together again. It was so sweet and sorrowful at the same time to hear his voice while at the funeral.


Some things are so hard to understand...

Last night around midnight my phone rang - I jumped out of bed to grab it & it was my father so right away I knew something was wrong b/c he was calling so late. My first thought was that something had happened to my mother, but what he said was the furthest thing from my mind. He told me that my Uncle Charles (my mother's brother) had passed. I honestly could not believe it and am still in that "this isn't real, is it?" stage.

People were lucky to know my uncle - he was an amazing man. Uncle Charles could do anything; he could build anything; he could fix anything. And he had more patience than any man I've ever known. He was a fantastic singer. He was 67 years old when he passed away. My mother's little brother and my Grannie's baby boy. I feel for my Grannie - I can't imagine how hard it is to lose your child. He was a husband, a father, and a grandfather.

And I will miss him so very, very much.

To Do Tattoo

This is too crazy...but pretty cool, too!!

The Greatest Show on Earth

I am so excited! We're taking Emma to the circus next weekend! I haven't been in years and I can't wait to see her expression when she sees it all for the first time. We're going early to the preshow so we'll get to see the animals and clowns and everything up close. I hope she isn't afraid! The last time I saw the circus it was at The Summit - which, of course, is no longer here. It turned into the Compaq Center, which also is no longer here b/c it is now Lakewood Church. Just to show how long it's been!

Article Worth Sharing

I found a good article today that I thought was worth sharing. Since I've started weight watchers (did you know I was doing weight watchers?) I've lost about ten pounds. My neighbor and I are doing it together and I have been pleased with the results so far! One thing I think is important when you're doing something like this is to do it out in public - don't do it on the DL like you're hiding it. You need the support from family and friends and the accountability! This is actually one of eight steps listed in the excerpt below to take control of your weight.

Here is the link to the entire article as I cut out quite a bit for space!
Living Life Overweight: 10 Reasons Why You’re Not To Blame

Anyone who is overweight will testify that losing weight is not as easy as it seems. The people that are lean, or have gone from fat to skinny will say it’s just a matter of motivation and elbow grease.

If you’re overweight then you’ve probably experienced the sharp end of the ridic…

Classified Ads

This was posted in the ANIMALS/PET section of our classified ads at work:
We will have about 10 head to sell in the fall they are Angus stears and will go about 1000-1200 pounds that is around 600 pounds of beef per whole in white paper packages ready to shake and bake ranch raised and very good to eat All natural . $3.25-3.50 depending on the price of grain. Please Call
If they are dead, I don't think they qualify as a pet anymore!!

Five Day Weekend Update

Sitting here waiting on Emma to wake up and Michael to finish mowing so I thought I would give an update for the weekend...

I only had a two day work week this week - it was so nice!! I had hoped to go out of town for the long weekend, but sick kids changed that plan. Yes, kids plural - the neighbors' kids were sick, too (and even me a little and little Carlton's daddy) so I guess they did a good job of sharing this weekend. :( I'm well over the stomach part, but have a bit of a stuffy head. Michael woke up with a sore throat this morning, but I think that was just b/c of the smoke from fireworks last night. We had a block party on our street last night and had a wonderful turnout! Our neighbor Kim does an excellent job of being our "street captain" and organizing our little get togethers! She made up flyers and gave them out to everyone on the street and planned several games for all as well. I have pictures that I'll post later, but mostly I took video last …

Happy Independence Day

Emma Times Five

Emma Blur(s)

More times than not if we're at home and I'm taking pics Emma is just a blur in my viewfinder!! Here she is many blurs in my viewfinder!!