Zebras, peacocks, & ostriches...Oh my!

Monday, June 23, 2008
We had a full and fun weekend! Friday was my Friday off and Emma and I kept baby Addison for the morning. Emma had fun playing big sister I think! We also had someone come in to give us an estimate about changing out our counter tops to granite. I wanted to rebuild some of our counters to create a breakfast bar, but this gentleman didn't seem to think my idea was doable in a way that would look just right. :(  I was disappointed, but we're still going to see what his estimate is for the granite...though we talked about it this weekend and another project we wanted to do was to get rid of the carpet downstairs and replace it with hardwood (probably laminate hardwood). We have been tossing around the idea for a while and thought about waiting until we were finished having kids and they were all walking, but I think we're both sick of the carpet and now the granite may be what's put on hold for a while instead. We are also having a sprinkler system installed in about a week or so - Michael spends so much time outside working in the yard and the a big amount of that time is watering so this should cut his time by at least half! So, we have a lot of home projects on the horizon. I'm also trying to decide about painting our bedroom. I have curtains I need to get up in there (have had for a long time) and I want to paint the back wall in our bedroom, but can't settle on a color. I am terrible about trying to imagine what something will look like w/out actually seeing it.

Saturday we drove out to Plantersville to spend the day with friends. They actually live out in Clear Lake, but Alice's parents (I went to college with her) live in Plantersville. We'll actually be going back that way next weekend for Connor's first b'day - that's Alice & Sean's little boy. We had a lot of fun - fishing and riding 4-wheelers. Alice's dad raises/harvests catfish - the whole operation was pretty fascinating. I had no idea so much work went into it. We cooked what we caught for dinner, too. That evening we rode over to a nearby ranch that had zebras, ostriches, peacocks, cows, deer, Polish chickens, etc.  We got to pet a baby zebra - it was so neat! Emma wasn't too keen on the idea actually, but she was interested in the calf in the next pen! She kept sticking her hand through the fence and motioning for it to "come here"!! The ostriches were rather intimidating! I didn't dare get us too close to them!!! We also got to see the owner's two seater plane and the runway he built on his land that is over a mile long. It was all very impressive!! Riding back on the four-wheeler Emma was between her daddy and me and she actually fell asleep riding! I couldn't beleive it - she must have been really wiped out!!

Sunday at noon we had a b'day party for Ashley's little boy Parker. I can't believe he is six years old now - it's amazing how fast time goes by! It was a swimming party and Michael took Emma into the pool. She had a blast playing in the water! And as it swimming and eating always does, it knocked her out, too! She was whiny on the way home, but crashed shortly after we got there for a couple hours. Michael left to go play basketball for a while so I took the opportunity to relax a bit myself! Then around 8:00 Emma and I went walking with our neighbor.

So, after such a good weekend I was all tired out and really didn't want to get up and come into the office this morning. This week won't be quite as busy as last week either, so maybe I'll be able to ease back into work today and be more "with it" tomorrow! LOL!! :D