Emma relaxing

Monday, June 02, 2008

Kids have all the answers - don't stress, just kick back, relax, and have fun!! Nothing bothering her what-so-ever!!

Sunday Michael's side of the family came over and we grilled and Katelynn & Emma played in the water for a while. I really wanted to climb over there in the water with them it felt so good. Maybe this weekend we'll just have to get in the big pool so Mommy can enjoy the water and swim, too! I miss having a pool at home during the summer here in Houston. Sheesh!

The water really tired the girls out, too. Miss Katelynn conked out very soon after they got out of the water and Emma wasn't far behind. She didn't even go for our evening walk - she stayed home with daddy instead and was tucked into bed before I got home.

The rest of the weekend before Sunday was pretty low key. Nothing on Friday really and Saturday we were supposed to go to my niece's, but ended up not being able to make it. So, we just hung around the house - I got all my housework done for the week and all the laundry, though I still have to put it up. I hate to put up laundry. Don't mind doing it, just hate to put it up!

My cousin is coming to visit us tomorrow and we were going to grill outside then, too but he said something about going out - so we might do that instead. We'll just have to wait and see what we're in the mood for I guess. Emma will enjoy the visit, though I am sure!