Drats at the Gnats

Friday, June 27, 2008
I repotted my office plant in a pretty mosaic pot that Elaine gave me a while back. I've had this plant for 8 years. My mother gave it to me when I first started this job. It's been through several different pots and was actually very big, but when I moved back to the big building (thankfully) from our little building across the water, I decided I didn't want to bring that big pot with me...so I broke it into several pieces and gave them to coworkers that I knew would nurture and care for the little plant and I just brought a small piece back with me.

Well, my small plant in its tiny pot started to get root bound - hence the intro to my post, I repotted it into a bigger home. Well, the new dirt I put into my plant's new home seems to have been nurturing gnats! A couple of days after I brought the plant in its pretty new pot back to the office I started seeing gnats flying around. Then I realized they were all in my flowerpot!!!

So, I started reading everything I could find about how to get rid of gnats naturally and I've done everything they said short of buying chemicals to spray on the plant. I can't kill it. It's the only plant that I've actually kept alive for a long period of time and it's just starting to get big again.

The last thing I tried was letting the dirt dry out by not watering the plant and then putting a small glass of soapy water nearby. This actually worked - the gnats, not being able to find moisture in the plant would seek it out in the soapy water and then die b/c they couldn't fly out. This was supposed to eventually kill off the hoard of gnats - well, all I ended up with was a nasty cup full of dead gnats - and they are still flying around my office. It's very annoying!!! I haven't watered this plant in over two weeks now. Maybe that's why I've kept it alive - it doesn't need a lot of attention. I thought the gnats were gone for a while, but these last couple of days they have been their normal nuisance selves again.

How do I get rid of these things and not kill my plant!?!?!?!