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Drats at the Gnats

I repotted my office plant in a pretty mosaic pot that Elaine gave me a while back. I've had this plant for 8 years. My mother gave it to me when I first started this job. It's been through several different pots and was actually very big, but when I moved back to the big building (thankfully) from our little building across the water, I decided I didn't want to bring that big pot with I broke it into several pieces and gave them to coworkers that I knew would nurture and care for the little plant and I just brought a small piece back with me.

Well, my small plant in its tiny pot started to get root bound - hence the intro to my post, I repotted it into a bigger home. Well, the new dirt I put into my plant's new home seems to have been nurturing gnats! A couple of days after I brought the plant in its pretty new pot back to the office I started seeing gnats flying around. Then I realized they were all in my flowerpot!!!

So, I started reading everything I could fi…

Half the year is gone...

It's hard to believe that it's already July...almost! This year has just flown by - lately, everything seems to be moving fast this year! The REALLY busy time for my department is budget season and it starts in August and goes until around October. We are slowly starting to get prepared for it now. This will be my first budget season with the group - I am not looking forward to the long hours, but I am anxious to be a part of the process. This group is very high level and it's amazing to see everything that goes on company wide.

So, that being said, I went ahead and made my desktop for July - it's nice and summery!!! I wish it looked this cheery out my window. It's been raining all week and another hard rain just passed through again!

Zebras, peacocks, & ostriches...Oh my!

We had a full and fun weekend! Friday was my Friday off and Emma and I kept baby Addison for the morning. Emma had fun playing big sister I think! We also had someone come in to give us an estimate about changing out our counter tops to granite. I wanted to rebuild some of our counters to create a breakfast bar, but this gentleman didn't seem to think my idea was doable in a way that would look just right. :(  I was disappointed, but we're still going to see what his estimate is for the granite...though we talked about it this weekend and another project we wanted to do was to get rid of the carpet downstairs and replace it with hardwood (probably laminate hardwood). We have been tossing around the idea for a while and thought about waiting until we were finished having kids and they were all walking, but I think we're both sick of the carpet and now the granite may be what's put on hold for a while instead. We are also having a sprinkler system installed in about a we…

Watching the game...

Look what came today!!!!

Calendar Girl

Before PDA's and iPhone I used to carry around a pocket calendar in my purse. You know the  one month per two pages format calendars with the plastic cover over a Monet picture or if you like a picture of your favorite kind of dog or cat or what-have-you. When I got my first PDA, though that went away as I could just sync it with my outlook calendar and now I do the same with my iPhone. So, I haven't carried a real paper calendar in a while.

Last year I made a couple of covers for these calendars for my mother and mother-in-law and sister-in-law, too. So, now that I have more time and have been playing around with my digital scrapbooking more (thankfully) I decided to make myself one and use one of the 2008-2009 calendars I bought a while back that's just been collecting dust and here is the product of that labor!

I have also collected all the pictures from Emma's first year and am slowing working through the pages for her first year album. I haven't decided if I am …

Pondering the Waves

Emma had a blast yesterday at Galveston - she rolled in the waves a few times, too and swallowed some salt water, but that didn't keep her from going back for more!

Heading home

After a long hard day playing at the beach!


I thought after school was finished I was just going to have TONS more time...and for the most part I really do, but it's filling up really fast! One of the things I wanted to get back into was digital scrapbooking, too. I am going to work on a book for Emma's first year, but in the meantime I am having fun making little projects that desktops, invites (for friends), cards, etc. I wish I had more time to work on it, but I'll take what I can get!

Here is the desktop I am using for June:

I was working on a calendar page each month, but that fell way low on the priority list this Spring so I'll have to try again - maybe I can work on 2009 calendars between now and December - then I might get them finished in time to be able to use them!! LOL!

Emma relaxing

Kids have all the answers - don't stress, just kick back, relax, and have fun!! Nothing bothering her what-so-ever!!

Sunday Michael's side of the family came over and we grilled and Katelynn & Emma played in the water for a while. I really wanted to climb over there in the water with them it felt so good. Maybe this weekend we'll just have to get in the big pool so Mommy can enjoy the water and swim, too! I miss having a pool at home during the summer here in Houston. Sheesh!

The water really tired the girls out, too. Miss Katelynn conked out very soon after they got out of the water and Emma wasn't far behind. She didn't even go for our evening walk - she stayed home with daddy instead and was tucked into bed before I got home.

The rest of the weekend before Sunday was pretty low key. Nothing on Friday really and Saturday we were supposed to go to my niece's, but ended up not being able to make it. So, we just hung around the house - I got all my housework do…