Friday, June 27, 2008

Drats at the Gnats

I repotted my office plant in a pretty mosaic pot that Elaine gave me a while back. I've had this plant for 8 years. My mother gave it to me when I first started this job. It's been through several different pots and was actually very big, but when I moved back to the big building (thankfully) from our little building across the water, I decided I didn't want to bring that big pot with I broke it into several pieces and gave them to coworkers that I knew would nurture and care for the little plant and I just brought a small piece back with me.

Well, my small plant in its tiny pot started to get root bound - hence the intro to my post, I repotted it into a bigger home. Well, the new dirt I put into my plant's new home seems to have been nurturing gnats! A couple of days after I brought the plant in its pretty new pot back to the office I started seeing gnats flying around. Then I realized they were all in my flowerpot!!!

So, I started reading everything I could find about how to get rid of gnats naturally and I've done everything they said short of buying chemicals to spray on the plant. I can't kill it. It's the only plant that I've actually kept alive for a long period of time and it's just starting to get big again.

The last thing I tried was letting the dirt dry out by not watering the plant and then putting a small glass of soapy water nearby. This actually worked - the gnats, not being able to find moisture in the plant would seek it out in the soapy water and then die b/c they couldn't fly out. This was supposed to eventually kill off the hoard of gnats - well, all I ended up with was a nasty cup full of dead gnats - and they are still flying around my office. It's very annoying!!! I haven't watered this plant in over two weeks now. Maybe that's why I've kept it alive - it doesn't need a lot of attention. I thought the gnats were gone for a while, but these last couple of days they have been their normal nuisance selves again.

How do I get rid of these things and not kill my plant!?!?!?!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Half the year is gone...

It's hard to believe that it's already July...almost! This year has just flown by - lately, everything seems to be moving fast this year! The REALLY busy time for my department is budget season and it starts in August and goes until around October. We are slowly starting to get prepared for it now. This will be my first budget season with the group - I am not looking forward to the long hours, but I am anxious to be a part of the process. This group is very high level and it's amazing to see everything that goes on company wide.

So, that being said, I went ahead and made my desktop for July - it's nice and summery!!! I wish it looked this cheery out my window. It's been raining all week and another hard rain just passed through again!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Zebras, peacocks, & ostriches...Oh my!

We had a full and fun weekend! Friday was my Friday off and Emma and I kept baby Addison for the morning. Emma had fun playing big sister I think! We also had someone come in to give us an estimate about changing out our counter tops to granite. I wanted to rebuild some of our counters to create a breakfast bar, but this gentleman didn't seem to think my idea was doable in a way that would look just right. :(  I was disappointed, but we're still going to see what his estimate is for the granite...though we talked about it this weekend and another project we wanted to do was to get rid of the carpet downstairs and replace it with hardwood (probably laminate hardwood). We have been tossing around the idea for a while and thought about waiting until we were finished having kids and they were all walking, but I think we're both sick of the carpet and now the granite may be what's put on hold for a while instead. We are also having a sprinkler system installed in about a week or so - Michael spends so much time outside working in the yard and the a big amount of that time is watering so this should cut his time by at least half! So, we have a lot of home projects on the horizon. I'm also trying to decide about painting our bedroom. I have curtains I need to get up in there (have had for a long time) and I want to paint the back wall in our bedroom, but can't settle on a color. I am terrible about trying to imagine what something will look like w/out actually seeing it.

Saturday we drove out to Plantersville to spend the day with friends. They actually live out in Clear Lake, but Alice's parents (I went to college with her) live in Plantersville. We'll actually be going back that way next weekend for Connor's first b'day - that's Alice & Sean's little boy. We had a lot of fun - fishing and riding 4-wheelers. Alice's dad raises/harvests catfish - the whole operation was pretty fascinating. I had no idea so much work went into it. We cooked what we caught for dinner, too. That evening we rode over to a nearby ranch that had zebras, ostriches, peacocks, cows, deer, Polish chickens, etc.  We got to pet a baby zebra - it was so neat! Emma wasn't too keen on the idea actually, but she was interested in the calf in the next pen! She kept sticking her hand through the fence and motioning for it to "come here"!! The ostriches were rather intimidating! I didn't dare get us too close to them!!! We also got to see the owner's two seater plane and the runway he built on his land that is over a mile long. It was all very impressive!! Riding back on the four-wheeler Emma was between her daddy and me and she actually fell asleep riding! I couldn't beleive it - she must have been really wiped out!!

Sunday at noon we had a b'day party for Ashley's little boy Parker. I can't believe he is six years old now - it's amazing how fast time goes by! It was a swimming party and Michael took Emma into the pool. She had a blast playing in the water! And as it swimming and eating always does, it knocked her out, too! She was whiny on the way home, but crashed shortly after we got there for a couple hours. Michael left to go play basketball for a while so I took the opportunity to relax a bit myself! Then around 8:00 Emma and I went walking with our neighbor.

So, after such a good weekend I was all tired out and really didn't want to get up and come into the office this morning. This week won't be quite as busy as last week either, so maybe I'll be able to ease back into work today and be more "with it" tomorrow! LOL!! :D

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Friday, June 13, 2008

Look what came today!!!!

Calendar Girl

Before PDA's and iPhone I used to carry around a pocket calendar in my purse. You know the  one month per two pages format calendars with the plastic cover over a Monet picture or if you like a picture of your favorite kind of dog or cat or what-have-you. When I got my first PDA, though that went away as I could just sync it with my outlook calendar and now I do the same with my iPhone. So, I haven't carried a real paper calendar in a while.

Last year I made a couple of covers for these calendars for my mother and mother-in-law and sister-in-law, too. So, now that I have more time and have been playing around with my digital scrapbooking more (thankfully) I decided to make myself one and use one of the 2008-2009 calendars I bought a while back that's just been collecting dust and here is the product of that labor!

I have also collected all the pictures from Emma's first year and am slowing working through the pages for her first year album. I haven't decided if I am going to make it 12x12 or 8x8 yet - depends on printing prices I guess!! I also haven't decided if I am going to print page by page and put them into an album myself or have a coffee-table type book made from them. You can do that now for relatively reasonable prices. And if I start that then I could print all my books that I make that way and have a nice, neat library of our family albums! We'll see what I decide when I get it finished! My goal is to have it finished by the time she is 2, but what I should do is try to finish it earlier and go ahead and start working on her 2nd album - then if I ever get caught up I can scrapbook as life happens instead of having to go backwards and collect pictures from the past! I just didn't have the time before when I was in school to keep up with it!

I still have TONS to do in her real baby book, too. I didn't keep up with that either - such a bad mommy!! I did try to keep up a diary of things that happened with her and I photographed everything and I have those dates in the EXIF data so I can get the dates right in her book. I think after her first year album I'll just start doing yearly family albums, though...then with our next child do the same. A first year album - then just start working on yearly family albums.  I should have started when Michael and I got married, but again there is that time thing b/c of school!! Maybe I can play catch up and our first family album can just be 2004 (starting with our wedding) to the present!

Digital scrapbooking is so much more economical than regular scrapbooking. I mean you have to buy the software (I use Photoshop CS2 - I couldn't find the link on the Adobe site b/c CS3 took its place) and you have to get templates, elements, paper, etc. online, but the things you download are pretty reasonable and you can use them over and over and over again once you purchase them. Also, when you're starting out you can download freebies from a lot of places to use and help learn. I did that A LOT and have just started really purchasing templates and digital kits to use.

My friend Pamela has really helped me immensely starting this project! She got me into regular scrapbooking in 2003 when she was doing Creative Memories - and then later moved to digital. Her scrapbooks are amazing!!! I bug her quite a bit with questions! Thanks Pamela!

I knew after I had Emma I couldn't drag all my scrapbook stuff out and work on it so it's great to have it all on the computer - no mess and I don't have to worry about keeping little fingers out of everything! That being said I have a TON of scrapbook stuff filling my office/craft room that I now need to get rid of. That's another project in itself. I am going to take pictures of all my stuff at some point so that I can post it on our classifieds here at work or if anyone else is interested I'll post them here, too in order to sell everything off. Some I'll just give away, but a lot are things still in packages, never opened. I have a lot of Stampin' Up stuff, too. I got into that from Kathy in 2004 (or 2005) when she was selling it and loved it - but again didn't really keep up with that either and can't really bring all that out with Miss Grabby Fingers! And I can do cards digitally, too with the software and downloads. I made Michael's Father Day card this year - as long as you don't tell him I'm not worried about him finding out before Sunday as he doesn't read my blog!!

Wow! This entry turned out to be a real blog post! Something I haven't done in a long time!! And I was just going to post the picture of the calendar cover that I made! Maybe that should be something else I set as a goal for myself - starting blogging either daily or at least every other day!! LOL!

Monday, June 09, 2008

Pondering the Waves

Emma had a blast yesterday at Galveston - she rolled in the waves a few times, too and swallowed some salt water, but that didn't keep her from going back for more!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Heading home

After a long hard day playing at the beach!

Thursday, June 05, 2008


I thought after school was finished I was just going to have TONS more time...and for the most part I really do, but it's filling up really fast! One of the things I wanted to get back into was digital scrapbooking, too. I am going to work on a book for Emma's first year, but in the meantime I am having fun making little projects that desktops, invites (for friends), cards, etc. I wish I had more time to work on it, but I'll take what I can get!

Here is the desktop I am using for June:


I was working on a calendar page each month, but that fell way low on the priority list this Spring so I'll have to try again - maybe I can work on 2009 calendars between now and December - then I might get them finished in time to be able to use them!! LOL!

Monday, June 02, 2008

Emma relaxing

Kids have all the answers - don't stress, just kick back, relax, and have fun!! Nothing bothering her what-so-ever!!

Sunday Michael's side of the family came over and we grilled and Katelynn & Emma played in the water for a while. I really wanted to climb over there in the water with them it felt so good. Maybe this weekend we'll just have to get in the big pool so Mommy can enjoy the water and swim, too! I miss having a pool at home during the summer here in Houston. Sheesh!

The water really tired the girls out, too. Miss Katelynn conked out very soon after they got out of the water and Emma wasn't far behind. She didn't even go for our evening walk - she stayed home with daddy instead and was tucked into bed before I got home.

The rest of the weekend before Sunday was pretty low key. Nothing on Friday really and Saturday we were supposed to go to my niece's, but ended up not being able to make it. So, we just hung around the house - I got all my housework done for the week and all the laundry, though I still have to put it up. I hate to put up laundry. Don't mind doing it, just hate to put it up!

My cousin is coming to visit us tomorrow and we were going to grill outside then, too but he said something about going out - so we might do that instead. We'll just have to wait and see what we're in the mood for I guess. Emma will enjoy the visit, though I am sure!