Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Quick Post: Cool Find

I really like stuffed animals. I had a lot growing up myself and now Emma has tons as well! When I was little I had a hammock in my room where my stuffed animals hung out (pun intended). I haven't found one for Emma's room, though. She has a little on in there, but it really only holds a couple of animals. So, I've had them in bins and strollers and wherever to keep them put up. There really are too many, though!

I found this at a site I read...it's called the Zoo Keeper. I still think it would take up quite a bit of room and it's about $100 I think, but it's a cute idea.


  1. That is really cool! It's one of those things you think - why didn't I think of that???

  2. That's cute! LOL

    Stuffed animals have too much dust...so we only have like 5 *real* special ones! (Thank God!) Instead we have thousands of hot wheels...

  3. Nice, but I am afraid Carisela would put her brother and soon to arrive sister in there. She is a handful!!!!!!!!!!!!


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