Post slacking

Friday, May 30, 2008
So, my posts are slowing down here I realize - I need to make an effort to post at least two or three times a week, but I haven't had the time. I think now that school is over, though I'll be able to get more posted here, though.

I've had a couple full weeks now of not having to come home late from being at class - it's awesome! I've been cooking dinner every night and going for walks with Emma & the neighbors (while Michael cleans up after dinner - thanks honey), and have joined weight watchers with my neighbor. So far I've lost 4.6lbs in these two weeks!

We went out of town for Memorial weekend and took the four wheeler up to the country to play some! Had a great time! My niece had a baby shower that Sunday, too! She is expecting in August, but had her shower this weekend b/c she is in the Marines and her sister is in the Navy and this was the only weekend they were both home before the baby comes. She is still running 6 miles a day - at least she will be until she is 22 weeks along! She is having a little girl, too! More girls everywhere!

I also bought a new camera - no, not a new DSLR, I still use my Canon Rebel (one day I'll get to upgrade) - this is a new point and shoot, but of course still a canon. It's the SD750 and I love it! Great point & shoot camera!!

I bought Miss Emma a new "toy", too!

Yes, that's my daughter on the potty! I bought her a little seat for it - I don't think she's quite ready to go into full blown potty training, but I figure it's not too early to get her used to it! She is very aware these days of when she goes potty in her diaper and tells me "Tee Tee"...and in fact when I sat her on this new potty seat she even went Pee Pee in the Potty! I was very proud!! She was too - and you can tell from the expression on her face! She hasn't gone since, but she sits on it and thinks she is doing something big! Hopefully one of our Christmas presents will be that we don't have to spend any more $$$ on diapers! Wouldn't that be nice??

Oh...other than her potty seat I also bought Miss Emma a spout cover for her bathtub finally!! It works great to keep her from bumping her head on the faucet and you can lift the hat to put in bubbles, too!