May Day (random thoughts)

Thursday, May 01, 2008
I cannot believe that it is already May! Time is going by so fast...and thankfully, too! I have 16 days left now until graduation! I still have a bit of work to finish for the semester, but it won't be hard to finish. I have been pondering what it will be like to read a book for fun rather than because I have to. I have a friend who has already offered me a couple of loans from her library! I also want to get my frame picked out so my MBA degree will match my undergrad. I'm going to bring them both up to my office to hang. My undergrad has been in my dad's office all these years. I want to put them side by side, though now that I have them both.

Also, my baby girl is going to be 17 months old on Saturday! WOW! Just about a year and a half old now! She is such a big girl and looks it in her pigtails, too! I've been thinking about all the pictures that I take of her...while they are all online I think I might start picking out my top 50 or even 100 from each year to get printed into books so that we can have hard copies of pictures. I can always have back ups on CDs and Fotki is always dependable and backs up everything, but I just like to sit down and flip through photo books sometimes, too. So, that might be a good project for this summer.

This morning it really looked like it was going to storm. The sky was pretty dark outside my window, but it seems to have all pushed off now...I think we have a higher chance of rain tomorrow, though. I should have gone outside today during lunch to walk since tomorrow it might not be an option. I ended up working through half of lunch so by that time I just decided to get something from downstairs and bring it back up to my desk. After a while going outside during lunch to walk won't be much of a option b/c it is going to be miserably HOT! I need to take advantage of all the good weather days now while it is still bearable to be out there.

We've been outside a lot more at home lately, too. Emma loves to play outside and lately we've been playing with lots of bubbles! It's so cute to hear her say it, too! I need to take a video of her playing in the bubbles!! Now when I go pick her up from the baby sitter's they are usually out in the backyard and she wants to stay and play instead of getting into the car to go home! LOL!

I got a massage today at 1:00 - just a 15 minute chair massage. Every Thursday we can sign up for 15 minute massages - I should have scheduled 2 sessions for today b/c I didn't want it to be over so soon!! The girl who is here now is really good. She's been gone a while and they had a couple fill-ins. One was terrible! I wished I could have taken that visit back!

Well, I've posted enough random thoughts for this May Day! Enjoy your day!