It's Friday...yay.

Friday, May 02, 2008
Sorry I don't sound more enthused about the weekend being here - I am just too tired to be excited. Emma was up a lot last night. I don't know if she is having bad dreams, or is taking too long of naps, or is getting sick, or just wants to be with her mommy...but a couple hours after she goes to sleep she's up again. **yawn** And it makes for a VERY early morning when you've been trying to get a little one back to sleep. I would just assume put her in bed with us and go back to sleep (nope, I don't see a single problem with kids sleeping with their parents - I did it and turned out just fine. Look, I'll even have my MBA in 15 days!!), but Michael isn't too keen on the idea. He puts up with it b/c he doesn't want to get up either and the alternative is me getting up with her by myself and then griping at him for not getting up, too!! Usually once she falls back to sleep real good we put her back in her bed and she is out for the rest of the night. I would just let her stay there, but a queen size bed just doesn't provide enough room for a toddler - I don't know why it is that something so small needs so much room to sleep!! It's worse than an full grown adult I think sometimes!

I thought it was going to storm on us earlier today, but all those dark clouds went away and now it's just overcast out there. I wanted to get outside and take some pictures this weekend so I hope the weather stays alright. We'll see!