Saturday, May 17, 2008

Graduation Day

I had a great day today!!! Thank you so much to everyone that came out to celebrate with me! It was so cool to walk across that stage today and get hooded as a scholar! Honestly, it still hasn't hit me that I'm actually done. Tuesday it will when I don't have to go to class, though. There was only one row of MBA students to the many, many of undergrads! We were the first row behind the professors. I did want to try to see one of my professors afterwards and have her meet Emma - I was pregnant when I took her class and she has seen pictures only of Emma since - but I couldn't find her after we left the coliseum. Ah well - I guess pictures will have to continue to suffice for now.

Everyone came back to the house afterwards. We had ordered fajitas for everyone and it was delicious and a lot of food! We still have leftovers for me and Michael to have dinner tomorrow! It was great to visit with everyone and I even got some nice goodies, too!! Cards, money, roses, balloons (that sing), a great smelling candle, stationery set and frame, beautiful wall decoration, and a digital picture frame. I've been wanting one for a long time and Kenny & Elaine bought me a nice one that I am going to take to my office! Thank you again everyone for celebrating with me!!

Now we've got the house cleaned up and made a run to Academy for Michael and are just chilling. I had a headache that was creeping up on me since about noon. It's not put me down, but has been there all day. Emma fell asleep while we were at Academy and when we came home I thought I would take a nap with her, but she decided she didn't want to sleep anymore and that she was hungry. So, I made her some chicken quesadillas from some of our leftovers. She ate them up - she loves quesadillas! Now I think she is getting sleepy again, though so we're going to snuggle on the couch. It is way past her bedtime, but we get to sleep in tomorrow after having to be up at 6:30 on a Saturday!! It was worth it, though - what a wonderful day!!! I am so happy!


  1. Congrats again! I'm glad to hear you had a grrrreat day! Mine was busy as well... I had a Sunday School teachers meeting that lasted like, 3 hours... and then a group of us gals met up at Tomatillo's for dinner and then went cosmic bowling for a bachelorette party... we had way too much fun and I'm just now going to bed... all to have a jam-packed day tomorrow, too...! LOL Is this what adulthood is all about? All this busy weeks AND weekends...? Cause if so, I want off this ride!

  2. You are doesn't hit you until you are "missing" to go to class. Kinda crazy, huh? CONGRATS!

  3. We had a nice time and glad we got to make it out. Lunch was great, and the cake was the best! Congratulations again!

  4. YAY! What a great accomplishment!!!! Congratulations you have so much to be proud of!!!!

  5. Many, many congrats to you!!!!! We're proud of you!


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