All that is left is the pomp & circumstance...

Friday, May 16, 2008
My last final went quick last night - I was out of there in around half an hour!!! I only needed a 78 to maintain an A in the class so I wasn't too stressed! The test wasn't hard at all, though. We had a great professor this year and we reviewed so much that I knew the material backward and forward I think!!! When it was over we all went for a beer (including our professor) to celebrate! I only stayed for one beer b/c Michael was cooking us dinner last night! It was good to sit in a social setting with my classmates, though. I've made some pretty good friends in grad school, but sadly we really don't get to see one another except for school. I know I'll keep in touch with a few of them, though!

So, tomorrow is the day! I have to be on campus at 9:00AM & graduation starts at 10:00AM!! There are less than 30 students getting hooded for their MBA tomorrow I think. I had a copy of the program emailed to me - I'll have to go count them later!! I am so excited!!!!

Afterwards everyone that is going is coming back to our house to visit and have fajitas - oh, speaking of I have to order that this morning!!!

I don't really feel that sigh of relief yet, but my coworker made a good point yesterday that next Tuesday is when it will really hit - when I realize not only do I not have to go to class after work that day, that I don't have to go to class any other day either!!!! I think he is right!!