Kubeczka Update

Friday, April 18, 2008

I haven't done a good update on MishMish.org in a while. Things have just been too busy!!

Emma is keeping me and Michael running more than ever these days! She is now 16 months old - actually 16 and a half now! I can't believe how big she is getting!! Time is going too fast. She is jabbering on like crazy and running all over the place. She loves to be outside and loves to slide on her playground toys in the backyard, too! It's amazing to watch her learn to do something new, which seems to happen almost daily!

Michael is doing well...he is having a hard time right now, though b/c he just lost one of his pups and the other one isn't too far behind. They were both his buddies - he has had them for a long time. Other than that, though he is doing well. Working hard and them coming home and working more in our yard and garden. This year he has beautiful cabbage and romaine lettuce growing like crazy in his garden and the tomatoes aren't too far behind them!

As for me, school is getting close to the end - Yes, I'll have my MBA in less than a month now, which means the work load is ramping up a bit. Trying to finish my paper and work on presentations for another class, too. I just ordered my cap, tassel, and masters gown & hood today! I should have it in a couple days so that will be plenty of time to make sure everything fits right in case I have to exchange something. And work is going well, too. I am still loving the new department that I am in at work and am learning all the time. Quarter close is upon us now and we have been working hard to get everything finished for that...my part is just about finished. I just have to tie up a few things now that my reports are done!

Well, I hope this makes up for my lack of posts in a while...I know I've done a few picture posts (and yeah, there is a picture in this one), but I thought it was time to let everyone know what's really been keeping the Kubeckza's busy!!