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Emma's hair is finally long enough to put it in ponytails & pigtails! I love pigtails - I think they are so cute!! I sent her to the babysitter yesterday in pigtails, but they didn't last too long. After playing a while either Emma or another little one pulled them out! She did really well when I put them in the first time, though and didn't bother them.

Rough Day

Yesterday was my Friday off. I had a doctor's appointment at 10:00 and my parents planned to come visit for the day and watch Emma in the waiting room when I went in to see the doctor (just my yearly checkup). I took Emma with me b/c I wanted her to say hi to my doctor - my doctor didn't get to deliver Emma b/c she had her twins two days before Emma was born two doors down from our room in the hospital!!

Anyway...I guess it was a good thing my parents had already planned to come visit b/c I really ended up needing their help. About 4am yesterday morning I woke up so sick. Starting about that time I would wake up, get sick, sleep for about 40 minutes, wake up and get sick again. That happened until around 7 or so. Luckily my parents got here right about the time Emma was waking up b/c it was hard enough for me to hold my own head up, much less be up chasing Emma around. By 9:30 I thought it was mostly over and that was about the time I had to leave for the doctor. I sipped on sp…

24 Days

Only 24 more days till I get my MBA!!! My cap, gown, tassle, and HOOD came last night!! I had to prance around in it a while, though I should have taken a picture wearing it! I'll save that for the big day I guess!

From my fishing chair

Kubeczka Update

I haven't done a good update on in a while. Things have just been too busy!!

Emma is keeping me and Michael running more than ever these days! She is now 16 months old - actually 16 and a half now! I can't believe how big she is getting!! Time is going too fast. She is jabbering on like crazy and running all over the place. She loves to be outside and loves to slide on her playground toys in the backyard, too! It's amazing to watch her learn to do something new, which seems to happen almost daily!

Michael is doing well...he is having a hard time right now, though b/c he just lost one of his pups and the other one isn't too far behind. They were both his buddies - he has had them for a long time. Other than that, though he is doing well. Working hard and them coming home and working more in our yard and garden. This year he has beautiful cabbage and romaine lettuce growing like crazy in his garden and the tomatoes aren't too far behind them!

As for me, s…

Bye Ace

Michael came home yesterday and found that Ace had passed away. Oreo (our other pup) has been sick a while and I guess Ace was, too. Michael got both of them around the same time and it looks like they are both going to leave around the same time.

Bye Ace - you were a good pup!

Emma & Her Easter Dress

I didn't get any good pictures of Emma on Easter so Sunday she got all dressed up again and we went out to take some pictures. My mother made her Easter dress.

My new table