The weekend is gone...

Monday, March 31, 2008
but it was a fun one!

Friday night Michael and I had a date. We went to dinner and to see 21.  Jim Sturgess is awesome - I've never seen him before, but he was great. I was really ready for a big disappointment, but actually liked the movie very much. It was also very nice to get out with my hubby as we haven't done that in a while!

Saturday we got up early and went to his parents house for a while - the plan was to take Easter pics of Emma since I really didn't get any good ones on Easter. I wanted to drive out to see the bluebonnets, but the weather wasn't great and I don't think they are all bloomed out just yet anyway, so that was put off till another day. On the way home Michael said he wanted some crawfish so we ended up buying crawfish and having a mini block party with the neighbors! It was a lot of fun and the kids all had a blast! It was a late night, but very fun!

Sunday morning it was very hard to get up, so needless to say we didn't make it to church. I spent most of the day doing school work and that evening our neighbor came over to help peel the remaining crawfish - yep, there were actually leftovers! I think we're going to make a big post of etouffee maybe for next weekend! Afterwards the kids all played together again outside for a while before we all went back indoors!

I cooked us some dinner and used my Ziploc Zip 'n Steam bags for the very first time! They worked very well, though I didn't quite season my chicken enough for taste. Next time! But the chicken came out very juicy and tender and cooked so fast - and it was frozen when I put it in there (that's why the seasoning was too bland I'm sure) and still didn't take that long to cook!! I was impressed and will definitely experiment more! I'm anxious to try them with fish - though honestly, I have a wonderful double decker steamer that I should be using, but these bags are so much easier to clean up and have much fewer parts to assemble!! LOL! Guess I can use them on lazy nights & my other steamer on not-so-lazy nights (nights when Michael is cleaning the kitchen!!).

Today I have finished working on a presentation I have for class tomorrow night - yep, I did do this during working hours today, but in my defense it was a slow day and next week is going to be uber busy b/c it's quarter close so there will be no school work done in the office!! Tonight Michael gets to be my audience while I practice! Lucky him! Lucky b/c it's only a short five minute presentation. Ha ha! 46 more days to go and then he won't have to sit through any more presentations - not that he's even had to sit through many, but he's had to deal with me working on homework, papers, presentations, group projects, and what not for three years now...but keep in mind it's been just as hard to go through for me as it has for him! ;)

Well, it's raining out here now and my day is winding down so I think I am going to start wrapping things up so I can go get Miss Emma & head home!