Thursday, March 06, 2008


I visited my old HS this past weekend in Broaddus. They have torn down a lot of the original building. It was kinda sad actually. I know it was old and couldn't be restored, but it was still sad to think of it being demolished. It must have been done a long time ago, too b/c there are no indications it was ever there now.

I walked around the campus a little bit and took a few was hard to think of past times on the campus b/c so much looked so different from when we were in school. The main building isn't utilized by students anymore, though. It's mostly storage I think now.

When I walked past this window I thought someone was inside peeking at me through the blinds. Since the campus was deserted when I was exploring it kinda creeped me out!


  1. There was a smell on the insides of those buildings that I will never forget, and i didnt even go to school there long. 8 )

  2. It was September 2006. Here's a crappy picture I took of it one morning while dropping The Boy off at school.

  3. lol That IS kinda creepy! My high school is the same way, and I just graduated in 2000... it's very sad to me; we had a lot of fun times hanging in the courtyard and around the loading dock of the bandhall... all of that has changed (stupid Bond $$$)! It was very strange subbing there last year and not knowing where half the classes were located... and seeing everything under construction, watching the guts of my beloved courtyard being scraped out by a bulldozer... :(


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