Thursday, March 06, 2008

My top three guys made the cut tonight...

I haven't been able to follow American Idol much b/c of school, but I know the guys better than the girls and I have my favorites. Tonight my midterm was over quick and I was able to come home and watch the results of this week's votes. So far they have only told three guys they were safe and they were my top three!!! David Cook (I think he's a cutie, too), Jason Castro, and David Archuleta - I'm not sure of the order that I like them, though!!

I think I know one of the guys going home...but let's see!!

Right now I think my favorite girl is Amanda Overmyer and I like Carly Smithson a lot but I haven't seen much of the girls and I always seem to like the rockers best! Let's see how she does!

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