Happy Belated Birthday

Monday, March 03, 2008


Yesterday was my mother's birthday, but we were in East Texas and I didn't get online to post about her birthday! So...Happy Belated Birthday Mommy! I love you very much!

Tonight we're all going over to her house to celebrate with the whole family. I think daddy is having fajitas catered or something along those lines! Yummy! Michael already gave her his birthday present - he spent Sunday morning (he didn't go with us to East Texas) working up her vegetable garden. It was knee-high in weeds so he cleaned it out and turned the soil and planted tomatoes (two kinds) and bell peppers and green beans. He made a sign for the green beans, too that said "Emma's Green Beans" b/c she loves them!! Mother was thrilled to get her garden going. She just can't do the yard work like she used to so she was so happy that he did this for her. I thought it was really sweet! Anyway, I'll get to see it tonight!