Back from Vacation

Thursday, March 20, 2008

I haven't really had a chance to sit down and write up a post about our vacation yet. I had planned to write something each night so that when I got home I could put one big post together to recap the week, but well that didn't happen!! So, for now here's the quick version!

We all had a really great time - it took us two days (b/c we were taking our time) to reach Gatlinburg. We drove the Natchez Trace Parkway most of the way. It was beautiful - and slow, too! 50mph! It was okay, though b/c we had two days before check in.

Monday night we got settled into our cabin. The next day was fun and kinda sad - we had fun out venturing, but when we came home we found out someone had come into our cabin (didn't find signs of break-in, though) and stolen a lot of electronics from the bottom floor of our cabin. Two laptops, a digital camcorder, a portable DVD player, and a bunch of chargers. (No, none of that was mine.) The cops came out and did a report and we kept in touch with them - they think they know who did it, but it's doubtful the items will be return. That really put a damper on the mood, but luckily after another day we put it out of mind so that we could enjoy our vacation. And we did - we saw some amazing sites, did a lot of shopping, and just had a great trip!

I'm putting a lot of my favorite pics (and my cell phone pics) from the trip on a set in flickr (I'll be adding more I'm sure) and I'm putting ALL my pictures (well over 500) on fotki, so you can choose if you have time to view them all or just my favorites!! I'm still adding to fotki, too btw so you can check back over the next week or so to see if I've added more.

Coming home we only spent one night on the road so it made for a very long first day driving & we had a lot of bad weather starting home, but the next day was a breeze. And I was so proud of Emma -she was really a good girl during all that sitting & riding! We had some DVDs for her to watch (this is the best video ever) and toys to play with and of course snacks! So we kept her entertained!!!.

Vacations are always great, but it's also always great to get back home, too!!!