Monday, March 31, 2008

The weekend is gone...

but it was a fun one!

Friday night Michael and I had a date. We went to dinner and to see 21.  Jim Sturgess is awesome - I've never seen him before, but he was great. I was really ready for a big disappointment, but actually liked the movie very much. It was also very nice to get out with my hubby as we haven't done that in a while!

Saturday we got up early and went to his parents house for a while - the plan was to take Easter pics of Emma since I really didn't get any good ones on Easter. I wanted to drive out to see the bluebonnets, but the weather wasn't great and I don't think they are all bloomed out just yet anyway, so that was put off till another day. On the way home Michael said he wanted some crawfish so we ended up buying crawfish and having a mini block party with the neighbors! It was a lot of fun and the kids all had a blast! It was a late night, but very fun!

Sunday morning it was very hard to get up, so needless to say we didn't make it to church. I spent most of the day doing school work and that evening our neighbor came over to help peel the remaining crawfish - yep, there were actually leftovers! I think we're going to make a big post of etouffee maybe for next weekend! Afterwards the kids all played together again outside for a while before we all went back indoors!

I cooked us some dinner and used my Ziploc Zip 'n Steam bags for the very first time! They worked very well, though I didn't quite season my chicken enough for taste. Next time! But the chicken came out very juicy and tender and cooked so fast - and it was frozen when I put it in there (that's why the seasoning was too bland I'm sure) and still didn't take that long to cook!! I was impressed and will definitely experiment more! I'm anxious to try them with fish - though honestly, I have a wonderful double decker steamer that I should be using, but these bags are so much easier to clean up and have much fewer parts to assemble!! LOL! Guess I can use them on lazy nights & my other steamer on not-so-lazy nights (nights when Michael is cleaning the kitchen!!).

Today I have finished working on a presentation I have for class tomorrow night - yep, I did do this during working hours today, but in my defense it was a slow day and next week is going to be uber busy b/c it's quarter close so there will be no school work done in the office!! Tonight Michael gets to be my audience while I practice! Lucky him! Lucky b/c it's only a short five minute presentation. Ha ha! 46 more days to go and then he won't have to sit through any more presentations - not that he's even had to sit through many, but he's had to deal with me working on homework, papers, presentations, group projects, and what not for three years now...but keep in mind it's been just as hard to go through for me as it has for him! ;)

Well, it's raining out here now and my day is winding down so I think I am going to start wrapping things up so I can go get Miss Emma & head home!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Last Night

Reading her Christmas book!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

I never get to watch TV these days...

and even if I DVR something, there is not really time to sit and watch that either. Last night, though I got finished with my test early and was home in time to watch American Idol. I haven't been keeping up with it and when I have watched it always happens to be the guys' night. Well, my three favorite guys are still there and my #1 had the most amazing performance last night. I swear, David Cook's version of Billy Jean was by far the best Idol performance I've seen and I have to say I like it better than MJ's version even!! Back when I was an MJ fan - I still think he's a good performer/entertainer - he's just so weird these days. Billy Jean was/is an awesome song, too and I really like how David made it fit his style. Simon said it was brave and I agree - I think it could have gone very wrong for someone else, but he did a good job. I think that might have sealed the deal for him (y'know since I've been keeping up with the season and all. LOL!).

Check it out:


Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sweet Faces of Emma

These are three pictures I took of Emma while we were on vacation - I just thought the expressions were priceless! They are three of my favorites of her!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Wagon Wheel

This was at the Farmhouse Museum we stopped at in the Smoky Mt. National Park. I really liked how this picture turned out!

Back from Vacation

I haven't really had a chance to sit down and write up a post about our vacation yet. I had planned to write something each night so that when I got home I could put one big post together to recap the week, but well that didn't happen!! So, for now here's the quick version!

We all had a really great time - it took us two days (b/c we were taking our time) to reach Gatlinburg. We drove the Natchez Trace Parkway most of the way. It was beautiful - and slow, too! 50mph! It was okay, though b/c we had two days before check in.

Monday night we got settled into our cabin. The next day was fun and kinda sad - we had fun out venturing, but when we came home we found out someone had come into our cabin (didn't find signs of break-in, though) and stolen a lot of electronics from the bottom floor of our cabin. Two laptops, a digital camcorder, a portable DVD player, and a bunch of chargers. (No, none of that was mine.) The cops came out and did a report and we kept in touch with them - they think they know who did it, but it's doubtful the items will be return. That really put a damper on the mood, but luckily after another day we put it out of mind so that we could enjoy our vacation. And we did - we saw some amazing sites, did a lot of shopping, and just had a great trip!

I'm putting a lot of my favorite pics (and my cell phone pics) from the trip on a set in flickr (I'll be adding more I'm sure) and I'm putting ALL my pictures (well over 500) on fotki, so you can choose if you have time to view them all or just my favorites!! I'm still adding to fotki, too btw so you can check back over the next week or so to see if I've added more.

Coming home we only spent one night on the road so it made for a very long first day driving & we had a lot of bad weather starting home, but the next day was a breeze. And I was so proud of Emma -she was really a good girl during all that sitting & riding! We had some DVDs for her to watch (this is the best video ever) and toys to play with and of course snacks! So we kept her entertained!!!.

Vacations are always great, but it's also always great to get back home, too!!!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Time to head back to Texas

Emma's watching Winnie the Pooh again and reading the DVD case and mother is giving Grannie an update about our trip!

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Our cabin

This is where we're staying this week in Gatlinburg.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

In third state in a day

Crossing the Mississippi River into Mississippi (phone pic while riding across the bridge)

Emma and daddy on the playground

We stopped at a park to eat lunch and play. Emma went down all the slides like a big girl!

Let the trip begin

Just hit the road and Emma's watching Winnie the Pooh

Talking w/ Kermit

Thursday, March 06, 2008

My top three guys made the cut tonight...

I haven't been able to follow American Idol much b/c of school, but I know the guys better than the girls and I have my favorites. Tonight my midterm was over quick and I was able to come home and watch the results of this week's votes. So far they have only told three guys they were safe and they were my top three!!! David Cook (I think he's a cutie, too), Jason Castro, and David Archuleta - I'm not sure of the order that I like them, though!!

I think I know one of the guys going home...but let's see!!

Right now I think my favorite girl is Amanda Overmyer and I like Carly Smithson a lot but I haven't seen much of the girls and I always seem to like the rockers best! Let's see how she does!


I visited my old HS this past weekend in Broaddus. They have torn down a lot of the original building. It was kinda sad actually. I know it was old and couldn't be restored, but it was still sad to think of it being demolished. It must have been done a long time ago, too b/c there are no indications it was ever there now.

I walked around the campus a little bit and took a few was hard to think of past times on the campus b/c so much looked so different from when we were in school. The main building isn't utilized by students anymore, though. It's mostly storage I think now.

When I walked past this window I thought someone was inside peeking at me through the blinds. Since the campus was deserted when I was exploring it kinda creeped me out!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Okay...I can tell you now!

You'll find out here at my sister-in-law's site!

Exciting news...

but I cannot share yet!!! Chomping at the bit over here ready to share, but I have to wait...and so do you!!! (And no it does not involve Emma becoming a big sister ;) )

Monday, March 03, 2008

Happy Belated Birthday


Yesterday was my mother's birthday, but we were in East Texas and I didn't get online to post about her birthday! So...Happy Belated Birthday Mommy! I love you very much!

Tonight we're all going over to her house to celebrate with the whole family. I think daddy is having fajitas catered or something along those lines! Yummy! Michael already gave her his birthday present - he spent Sunday morning (he didn't go with us to East Texas) working up her vegetable garden. It was knee-high in weeds so he cleaned it out and turned the soil and planted tomatoes (two kinds) and bell peppers and green beans. He made a sign for the green beans, too that said "Emma's Green Beans" b/c she loves them!! Mother was thrilled to get her garden going. She just can't do the yard work like she used to so she was so happy that he did this for her. I thought it was really sweet! Anyway, I'll get to see it tonight!