We had a full and fun weekend!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Friday was my daddy's birthday and my brother-in-law's! I missed posting the b'day wishes for them. Shame on me! Friday was also my day off & Emma had a doctor's appointment early that morning. It was a follow up to when she was sick a few weeks ago. The doctor said that everything looks good. She HATED having the doctor look into her little ears and it was traumatic trying to hold her down for this, but we made it through. I told Michael, though that he has to go with me next time! Afterwards we drove to my parents' house to spend the day with my daddy on his birthday. That evening after Michael got home from work we drove out to his parents' house to celebrate his brother's birthday with family & friends. Emma also got to see her little cousin Katelynn. She is always so excited to see her!!

Saturday mother had a birthday dinner for my daddy, but before she had scheduled that Michael had already told a friend he would go to a hunting show with him so he had to miss the dinner. So, when he left early that morning Emma and I left at the same time and spent the day with my parents again and then had dinner with everyone that night to celebrate daddy's birthday.

Sunday Michael and I got up early to get ready for the Superbowl. We had invited friends/family over to watch the game. It turned out really well, though a few people weren't able to make it (there were quite a few people home sick - I hope it all doesn't come back around to us. I don't want to go through the ick again!) - all of whom had little ones so Emma ended up being the only kiddo there! She had a good time, though and our neighbor popped in and out with her little boy so they played a while, too. We missed everyone who couldn't make it, but still had a houseful and a lot of yummy goodies! Found out that Emma likes meatballs, too!! She walked around with one in her hand for about 1/2 an hour slowly eating on it!! By the end of the evening she was pooped from all the activity and passed out before everyone left!

I changed my desk calendar yesterday, too. I need to get March done now so it will be ready. The way time is just zooming by this month will be over as quickly as January was!!