Redbox & 300

Thursday, February 07, 2008
I will never return to Blockbuster again! I had to watch the movie 300 for my strategic planning class (semi homework - he just wanted us to see the strategy about bringing people to your own terms to compete). So, anyway...300 has been on pay per view so I figured we would just buy it there one night and watch it. Yeah, well it's gone from pay per view. So, that meant I was going to have to go into Blockbuster or something and rent the movie and worry about returning it and all that jazz.

Last night, though on the way to pick up Emma I passed a McD's and remembered about Redbox! That is the coolest thing evah! I had never used it before. Cheap, quick, easy! They emailed me a receipt and this morning when I dropped it off (b/c it's a McDonald's on the way to the babysitter) by the time I got into my office there was an email waiting on me letting me know that my movie had been returned! Awesome! It was even cheaper than if we had bought it off pay per view! The only thing better would have been if that machine could have given me a cup of McDonald's good coffee!!!

So, about the movie. It was pretty good. Lots of digital enhancements! Lots of blood and gore!! Michael wasn't into it so he played football! LOL! I did love the story-teller, though. I liked listening to him and okay, I have to admit all those abs were hard to turn away from! ;) All in all it was a good movie, but I was more impressed with Redbox!!