I just got a personal delivery!

Thursday, February 14, 2008
Michael sent me a text message asking if I could see the mall from the window in my office. I told him I could not knowing why he asked. Then my boss came into my office and we were working on something for a while all the while my phone was blowing up! Michael had called several times. Finally I told my boss I better answet just in case there was something wrong. I told Michael that I would have to call him back and we started working again. When we were finished I called him back and he asked me to look into the parking lot of Landry's which is just between my office and the mall - I couldn't see anything. He kept telling me he was near the paking garage, but I still couldn't see him. Finally I saw him walk out from behind a tree - he has parked where a tree was just in my line of site and I couldn't see him. He told me someone had left something in the jeep and held up this great big yellow sign that said I LOVE YOU! Then he said something else was left in there and held up a big bouquet of flowers!

So, I went downstairs and he met me in the circle drive of our office with this pretty vase of flowers and a card tied around it and a box of candy hearts tucked inside the envelope with the card! I asked him if he was going to come upstairs and he said no, so then I asked what he was going to do and he said, "I'm going to get Emma and then we're going home!!" LOL! So, he and Emma are at home now - but he'll have to come back later to get the food I ordered for our dinner tonight. Isn't my honey the sweetest???

Here are the flowers & a picture of the sign! He wouldn't let me bring the sign up to the office with me, though so I had him send me a picture. I wish I had a picture of him holding it up for me, though!

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