85 Days...but who's counting?

Thursday, February 21, 2008
I only have 85 more days until I'm done with my MBA!!! I still haven't decided if I am going back to school right away or not for the 4 remaining classes I'll need to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam, though. I need to talk to an adviser to make sure I only need four and identify which classes qualify for eligibility for the exam. Man...if it's only four I could be done by Christmas then I would just need to take a CPA exam review course and I would be done.

Hmmm...kinda takes away from the excitement of getting my MBA, though. I mean, I have a goal right in front of me that I am about to accomplish and I don't really feel the excitement/relief of finishing b/c I keep focusing on what I have to do next. Maybe I should just forget about it for right now and enjoy that I am about to be done with grad school!!! Michael says I should get it over with and start right back - sooner I start the sooner I finish those last few accounting courses. We'll see! I do need to check my application for graduation.

I am excited about getting hooded, though - particularly b/c my management professor this semester keeps building us up about it!! Every class just about he has mentioned it I think b/c about half of us graduate in May. LOL!

Well, I've been up already since about 3:00am and the alarm is going to go off in just a minute so I need to go get ready for work!