Monday, February 25, 2008

Good Luck Macon

Saturday night Michael, Emma, and I went to my sister's house for dinner. She had the whole family over for a farewell dinner for my nephew Macon. He is leaving (today I think) for Cape May for basic training for the US Coast Guard.

He'll be gone 8 weeks before we get to see him again - I think during that time he can write letters, though and after so many weeks he'll get to make a phone call, too. I cannot believe he is so grown. I still see him as my little nephew, but he isn't a kid anymore - he's a grown man!

I'm excited for him. Sad he'll be gone, but it won't be long before we get to see him again and hopefully he'll get stationed in Houston. He gets to create a Wish List of where he wants to go and of course Houston is his first choice! He wants to go into Search and Rescue - says he'll be happier saving lives than if he had to take lives in another branch of the military. I wasn't surprised to hear him say this either - that's the kind of man Macon is and I'm proud of him!

We love you Macon and wish you all the best in this next chapter of your life!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Birthday Wishes


Happy Birthday Jamie!!

I hope you have a wonderful day!!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

85 Days...but who's counting?

I only have 85 more days until I'm done with my MBA!!! I still haven't decided if I am going back to school right away or not for the 4 remaining classes I'll need to be eligible to sit for the CPA exam, though. I need to talk to an adviser to make sure I only need four and identify which classes qualify for eligibility for the exam. Man...if it's only four I could be done by Christmas then I would just need to take a CPA exam review course and I would be done.

Hmmm...kinda takes away from the excitement of getting my MBA, though. I mean, I have a goal right in front of me that I am about to accomplish and I don't really feel the excitement/relief of finishing b/c I keep focusing on what I have to do next. Maybe I should just forget about it for right now and enjoy that I am about to be done with grad school!!! Michael says I should get it over with and start right back - sooner I start the sooner I finish those last few accounting courses. We'll see! I do need to check my application for graduation.

I am excited about getting hooded, though - particularly b/c my management professor this semester keeps building us up about it!! Every class just about he has mentioned it I think b/c about half of us graduate in May. LOL!

Well, I've been up already since about 3:00am and the alarm is going to go off in just a minute so I need to go get ready for work!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Monday, February 18, 2008

Emma Update

Today I thought an update on my precious baby girl was in order! She is 14 1/2 months old now and running all over the place!! Friday evening I discovered that she also has two more new teeth. They are on the top - one on each side. I guess these are molars. She's going to be eating all kinds of stuff now (not that she isn't already)! She's pretty good about trying most things, but will quickly let me know if she doesn't like it comes right back out and into my hand. Yuck!

She has also learned to climb up on things - as I have already posted about. Anything she can get on top of she will - last night it was the unopened box of pampers we had just bought! Size 4, btw. We just moved up to those! According to the doctor she's on the skinny side - only in the 25-50 percentile for her weight, but in the 90's for height. So, it took us a while to get out of the size 3 diapers. Honestly, I don't think she's skinny!! She's got plenty cute to squeeze!

Something new she started this weekend is saying "Uh Oh" and crossing her arms! I don't know where she picked up the arm crossing from!! It's very cute, though. I tried to get a good picture of her doing it last night, but I guess I'm going to have to video it b/c she'll cross her arms and then off she goes and is just a blur on the camera! That's what most pictures are of her these days b/c she is on the go so much - just an Emma blur! I'll try to get a video, though to post of her crossing her arms. As for the "Uh Oh" I'm sure she picked that up at the baby-sitter's! It's cute too, of course!

She also says "No no no" quite a bit...hmmm, I just wonder where she heard that before! I've been trying to speak positively to her instead of just saying "No no" all the time - like when she opens the kitchen cabinets I'll ask her to close them and when she does there are lots of applause. She loves this so now anytime she sees something open (dishwasher, cabinet, fridge) she closes it - no matter if I'm still using it! However, we did have to resort to childproofing the cabinets that had cleaner in them in the kitchen. Too much risk as last time she pulled out the little dispenser I keep bleach in and proceeded to put it in her mouth like it was a sippy cup. Luckily it had a lid and I caught her right away.  She can't open that door anymore, though! Anyway...I digress - she has heard "No, no, no..." a few times obviously from us and now loves to tell us "No, no, no..." as well!! Guess she thinks she's big enough to do that and cute enough to get away with it. Oh wait - she is!!

We took her to the zoo a couple weeks ago - she had fun, but honestly I think she enjoyed watching all the other kids rather than the animals. Typical! She does love being outside, though. We don't have a huge park in our neighborhood, but she always has so much fun when we go out there. She loves to swing! We need to get her swing hung up at home since the weather seems to be improving around here now.

Another new thing Emma enjoys is the webcam! We talk to my parents online and she gets the biggest kick out of seeing them on the monitor. She blows them kisses and tries to give them bites of whatever she has and touches their faces on the screen. It's cute. She also is developing a great imagination. She loves to feed her babies w/ the spoons & cups & bowls from her little kitchen set. And she has started picking up imaginary "stuff" from inside things and giving it to us. I don't know what she is imagining that she is giving us, but it must be delicate as she pinches it with two fingers and places it in our hands - the she pats on top of it in our hands - guess she has to make sure it stays there! LOL!

I can't believe how big she is getting and how much she is learning. It's so much fun just to sit back and watch her work! Oh, speaking of work, that's what I better get back to!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

I just got a personal delivery!

Michael sent me a text message asking if I could see the mall from the window in my office. I told him I could not knowing why he asked. Then my boss came into my office and we were working on something for a while all the while my phone was blowing up! Michael had called several times. Finally I told my boss I better answet just in case there was something wrong. I told Michael that I would have to call him back and we started working again. When we were finished I called him back and he asked me to look into the parking lot of Landry's which is just between my office and the mall - I couldn't see anything. He kept telling me he was near the paking garage, but I still couldn't see him. Finally I saw him walk out from behind a tree - he has parked where a tree was just in my line of site and I couldn't see him. He told me someone had left something in the jeep and held up this great big yellow sign that said I LOVE YOU! Then he said something else was left in there and held up a big bouquet of flowers!

So, I went downstairs and he met me in the circle drive of our office with this pretty vase of flowers and a card tied around it and a box of candy hearts tucked inside the envelope with the card! I asked him if he was going to come upstairs and he said no, so then I asked what he was going to do and he said, "I'm going to get Emma and then we're going home!!" LOL! So, he and Emma are at home now - but he'll have to come back later to get the food I ordered for our dinner tonight. Isn't my honey the sweetest???

Here are the flowers & a picture of the sign! He wouldn't let me bring the sign up to the office with me, though so I had him send me a picture. I wish I had a picture of him holding it up for me, though!

att57961.jpg   2265706386_268dc00981_o.jpg

Happy Valentine's Day

I have to go to class tonight, though our professor mentioned last week that we might not stay the entire time (maybe he wants to celebrate Valentine's Day with his wife, too) so hopefully I won't be late coming home. Since we can't go out tonight I've ordered us a nice meal to bring home this evening -  Mini Beef Filet & Sauteed Shrimp Scampi served with twice baked potatoes and green beans almondine.

Our cafeteria downstairs does this twice a week and they did this surf and turf for Valentine's Day. Usually on the nights I have class Michael and Emma meet me for a quick sandwhich somewhere close to campus and that's dinner - so tonight I thought I would try one of the take home prepared meals from our cafeteria. The food they serve every day is good so I see no reason to think the take home food would be any different! So, I'll send this home with Michael after work today and when I get in from class it'll be ready for us to enjoy!


Happy Valentine's Day to everyone else, too! I hope you have a great evening - whether going out or relaxing at home!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

She can still be my Princess & your President!

I found this here.

I have to get one of these for Emma! They also have one that says "Doctor Not Diva" too! I love it!

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Heading home from the zoo!

Rainbow Clutch

I still need to find a button for it. (like this one Elaine?)

Friday, February 08, 2008

Product of my Insomnia

Clutch purse made at 3am!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Redbox & 300

I will never return to Blockbuster again! I had to watch the movie 300 for my strategic planning class (semi homework - he just wanted us to see the strategy about bringing people to your own terms to compete). So, anyway...300 has been on pay per view so I figured we would just buy it there one night and watch it. Yeah, well it's gone from pay per view. So, that meant I was going to have to go into Blockbuster or something and rent the movie and worry about returning it and all that jazz.

Last night, though on the way to pick up Emma I passed a McD's and remembered about Redbox! That is the coolest thing evah! I had never used it before. Cheap, quick, easy! They emailed me a receipt and this morning when I dropped it off (b/c it's a McDonald's on the way to the babysitter) by the time I got into my office there was an email waiting on me letting me know that my movie had been returned! Awesome! It was even cheaper than if we had bought it off pay per view! The only thing better would have been if that machine could have given me a cup of McDonald's good coffee!!!

So, about the movie. It was pretty good. Lots of digital enhancements! Lots of blood and gore!! Michael wasn't into it so he played football! LOL! I did love the story-teller, though. I liked listening to him and okay, I have to admit all those abs were hard to turn away from! ;) All in all it was a good movie, but I was more impressed with Redbox!!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Let the insomnia resume

I find myself waking up thinking about work a lot...and now that school (MY LAST SEMESTER - I can't say that enough) has got into full swing, I find myself also waking up thinking about school. Only now I can't return to sleep. So, I'm back on my 3:00 to 3:30AM schedule. That's what time I usually wake up and end up just moving from our bedroom to the living room to study. This morning I read the next two chapters of my text book. At least it was interesting material. And since I'll have a big paper this semester (My "Magnus Opus" as my professor calls it) I guess that is when I'll get most of my writing done as well. I am not sure what I am going to write about yet. I hope to be inspired by something, though! We'll see what direction the semester takes me.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

We had a full and fun weekend!

Friday was my daddy's birthday and my brother-in-law's! I missed posting the b'day wishes for them. Shame on me! Friday was also my day off & Emma had a doctor's appointment early that morning. It was a follow up to when she was sick a few weeks ago. The doctor said that everything looks good. She HATED having the doctor look into her little ears and it was traumatic trying to hold her down for this, but we made it through. I told Michael, though that he has to go with me next time! Afterwards we drove to my parents' house to spend the day with my daddy on his birthday. That evening after Michael got home from work we drove out to his parents' house to celebrate his brother's birthday with family & friends. Emma also got to see her little cousin Katelynn. She is always so excited to see her!!

Saturday mother had a birthday dinner for my daddy, but before she had scheduled that Michael had already told a friend he would go to a hunting show with him so he had to miss the dinner. So, when he left early that morning Emma and I left at the same time and spent the day with my parents again and then had dinner with everyone that night to celebrate daddy's birthday.

Sunday Michael and I got up early to get ready for the Superbowl. We had invited friends/family over to watch the game. It turned out really well, though a few people weren't able to make it (there were quite a few people home sick - I hope it all doesn't come back around to us. I don't want to go through the ick again!) - all of whom had little ones so Emma ended up being the only kiddo there! She had a good time, though and our neighbor popped in and out with her little boy so they played a while, too. We missed everyone who couldn't make it, but still had a houseful and a lot of yummy goodies! Found out that Emma likes meatballs, too!! She walked around with one in her hand for about 1/2 an hour slowly eating on it!! By the end of the evening she was pooped from all the activity and passed out before everyone left!

I changed my desk calendar yesterday, too. I need to get March done now so it will be ready. The way time is just zooming by this month will be over as quickly as January was!!


Friday, February 01, 2008

Amigurumi Mushroom

This is my first attempt! I still want to add embellishments to give him a cute little face!