Saturday, January 12, 2008

We have a problem and a solution...

Well, after the holidays I wrote about Emma not liking car rides anymore. She was also having problems going to sleep at night. Usually I just would lay her in the bed for nap or to go to sleep for the night, walk out, and she would fall asleep. I think we have the solution to those two problems now, but it's actually another problem in itself. At Emma's 12 month appointment she had two ear infections - apparently one cleared up, but the other did not. Yesterday I took her to the doctor b/c she's been fighting a bad cold and it turns out she has a hole in her left ear drum - I guess from the ear infection that didn't clear up with antibiotics last month. So it's no wonder she hasn't been my happy baby lately. She's been in pain. I figure riding in the car wasn't pleasant b/c after all ear problems affect equilibrium and car riding doesn't help that. And going to bed at night was just a matter of the pain she was feeling in her ear and why she wasn't sleeping through the night either.

Now she is on antibiotics and ear drops - the ear drops are supposed to help the pain as well as help heal her ear and we're already seeing that! Last night when I took her into her bedroom to lay down for the night I was holding her next to her bed while Michael got her humidifier ready (life saver for her poor little nose) and she was literally wrenching herself out of my arms trying to get into bed. She did the same thing just now when I put her down for her nap. I think once this gets healed she is going to be back to her happy self again and I think car rides are going to be a lot more pleasant. We'll probably still get a DVD player for trips, though!

She ran a 102.2 fever last night before I got her prescription filled. Tylenol helped to bring it down, but now that she is starting the antibiotics I think she is going to start improving very fast!


  1. Oh goodness! Well, I'm glad that things are better and the reason has been identified! There must be a lot of ear infections going around after colds... my Mom is just getting over one... she had put some drops in one night to help soothe it and by the morning discovered blood... so when she went to the clinic they discovered her ear drum had ruptured and she had a pinpoint sized hole! Thankfully it's something that can easily be healed with antibiotics. It's too bad kids don't learn to talk sooner so they can communicate these sorts of things to us! ;-)

  2. Glad she's starting to feel better!


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