Saturday, January 26, 2008

We've Got a Climber

We need a new level of child-proofing!


  1. LOL - I don't think you can ever completely baby-proof!!

  2. oh, that is too funny!!! all she wanted was that purse & she got it! LOL

  3. How I can tell my kids are grown and could make it through anything? I was more concerned about the laptop breaking than her falling because I knew she'd live through it. lol

    So glad I never had anything for mine to climb on...I would have died! I wouldn't have been able to even video this for grabbing her. I'm paranoid.

  4. Way to go Emma! Go and get what you want!!! HA!

  5. [...] has also learned to climb up on things - as I have already posted about. Anything she can get on top of she will - last night it was the unopened box of pampers we [...]


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