Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Post Holiday Post

Now that the holidays are behind us and a new year is starting I think it’s time for a good holiday update for everyone and to list out what I want to get organized for 2008! I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Our Christmas and New Year’s were both equally nice! It was so much fun to watch Emma tear into her gifts this year! She didn’t quite know what to do at first, but after a while she really got into it. Ha ha! It was such an amazing time! When she got all excited she started squealing – almost to the point of screaming! It was hilarious! She got a couple big gifts and several small ones that I wrapped up so she was able to tear lots of wrapping paper. Next year Santa is going to assemble all his toys the night before so she doesn’t have to wait on Mommy & Daddy to put them together for her, though!!

We do have one more thing we want to get for her…but honestly it’s as much for us as it is for her!! We want to buy a portable DVD player. Lately Emma hates riding in the car. Honestly, I think it’s the being tied down part she hates. It makes car rides longer than half an hour miserable for all of us. She is screaming and we don’t know what to do to make her happy. If she is sleeping it’s fine, but some times she is so upset she cannot go to sleep. I’ve tried several different kinds of toys and so far nothing appeases her enough to last the entire journey. So, I thought I would get a portable DVD player and give that a go.

She isn’t a huge TV watcher, but does enjoy watching Disney on the mornings that we’re home together and sadly she loves Barney – she watches it at the babysitter. So I thought I could buy her a few DVDs for the road and hopefully that would be entertaining enough to keep her from being so miserable riding in the car. RECOMMENDATIONS please!! I’ve perused a few websites about portable DVD players and haven’t really been able to settle on one just yet. If you have one you love please let me know…or even if you have one you hate let me know that, too so I can avoid it! Or…if you have the end-all solution to make a child enjoy riding in a car seat that would be something wonderful to know – so please share!!!

Emma is usually a very happy baby, but when it comes to being strapped into a car seat tempers flare!!!

Onto better news: Emma also got a new tooth over the holidays. This makes seven for her now! It’s on the bottom – so now she has three on the bottom and four on top! I think she has been working on this one for a while actually, but it just came through all the way less than a week ago!

On New Year’s we went to Jamie & Steven’s house to ring in 2008. It was a fun evening! We had fireworks, but someone else in the neighborhood really put on a show for everyone! Needless to say Emma didn’t stay up to ring in the New Year (thank goodness), but she was up early in the morning!

Next week is Michael’s birthday and I am trying to pin him down for what he wants to do. I think I am going to invite the family over for dinner, unless he decides on some place to go out to eat. He is so hard to pin down on decisions like that!!!

Today I am back to work after being off since December 21st. I only have to work today and tomorrow, though b/c Friday is my scheduled Friday off so it’s a good transition back into work after being out for so long. It is really quiet around here, though today which I honestly expected and enjoy!



  1. I don't know about the DVD players, we don't have one for our car because when we go any distance we're in my mom's van which came with a DVD player. And it probably doesn't matter at her age, but as she gets older, (at least with my kids) the movies they watch in the car have to be some what new to them or it's a waste. And Lilith HAS to watch the screen because she gets car sick if she looks out the window. haha

    I might suggest getting the player with 2 screens, because usually the one screen is attached to the player and you have to unstrap the entire thing to change discs. With 2 screens you could just have the 2nd screen for her...then it might be easier to change the movie. Just a thought.

    Sorry about Barney, we successfully avoided him. heh

  2. The cheaper the better...We have had an expensive one that I dropped and broke and a cheaper one and niether seemed better than the other so I definaltly suggest the cheap one...:)

  3. I agree with Ashley as far as the cheaper the better. We bought one a couple of years ago for the kids for a Christmas gift. Hardly used it and I think it is already broke.

    Speaking of Barney, I've still got some VHS tapes of that darn purple thing if you want them. I've also found some old kids books too. I thought about calling Barbara to see if she wanted them for her house and the movies too for when Emma is there. Let me know.

  4. I feel your pain. Both of my boys hate road trips, period. We've bought several of those portable dvd players and maybe my boys are rougher than most or maybe I bought the wrong ones, but none of them lasted.

    When I got my new car I *really* wanted a roof mounted entertainment system. It did not come with one, but we had it installed the next day. It was the **BEST** money I've ever spent. Now car rides are *so* peaceful!!!

  5. Not sure about the car rides just let but let me know what works for you I will have to take note! Fireworks are SSSOOOO fun thats my favorite!! Congratulations Emma on your new tooth!!!!!! Happy New Year to you all!!

  6. Emma was so funny on Christmas, she opened our gift and had the biggest grin on her face. I have never seen her get so excited like that. I can't wait to see her and Katelynn next year, they are going to have so much fun!
    We had a good time on New Years and glad you guys came over. I was surprised Katelynn and Emma slept through everything. I would defiantly try a TV for the car rides, that's what Kathleen did and Tori still loves it. Keeps her occupied!! We have one in the Acadia, but Katelynn still faces backwards, so we don't really use it right now. But we will in the future, that's why we did that. Let us know what you guys decide for Michael's B-day. See you guys soon.

  7. HAPPY NEW YEAR first of all! I'm glad to read that your holidays were so nice! As far as the car-seat dilemma... I think kids just go through a phase where they do not like riding in their car seat. My best girlfriend's son is 2.5 (he'll be 3 in March) and he doesn't like being in the car seat... he constantly unlatches the top part of the seatbelt and takes the shoulder straps off! We've tried lots of things... including simulating police sirens and telling him they'll give him a ticket... he'll even say "click it or ticket!" LOL They do have a portable dvd player, but it only works sometimes... it's never a sure thing. He's usually more content to throw his sippy cup from his seat up at the driver (and yes, he's even done this to me when I'm driving... it's not fun to have one of those things hit you in the back of the head when you're trying to drive!)... I can find out from her what brand portable player they have and get her thoughts on it's quality.

  8. We got introduced to DVD's in the car because our van came with one. Shortly after that, we bought a cheap one at Target. Didn't have any problems with it.

    One thing is for sure....we don't travel without them.

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