Saturday, January 12, 2008

New Mommy Tips: Vicks for Cold Relief

Well, now that children's cold medicines aren't as available OTC as before if you have a child under two you'll need to find another way to help soothe their cold. I am not one for stuffing my child with medicine by any means, but if there is a medication that will ease the pain that my child is in and is not going to hurt them while doing so, then yes I'll use it. When Emma had a cold before her doctor and the pharmacist recommended children's Robitussin Cough & Cold and it worked very well for Emma's cold. This time, though when I called the doctor about her current cold & was asked what I had given her I was told to quit using the Robitussin.

So when we went in to see the doctor I asked, "What do I do to soothe my child for minor cold symptoms?" I didn't want to rush her to the doctor every time she had a sniffle, but wanted to be able to make her comfortable and back to her happy self. Vicks products are great! We bought a Vicks Cool Mist Humidifier for Emma's room (We bought the V400 model). It works so well. It does make her room a little cooler, so I just bundle her up a little more b/c it is so worth it. Before the humidifier it killed me to listen to her have such a hard time breathing at night. It just made it so much easier for her and she was able to sleep through the night so much more restful. We don't use any medicine in this either, just plain water.

Besides the humidifier I also bought Puffs with Vicks for Emma's little nose.  Her poor little nose was so red from being wipe and every time she saw me coming with a tissue she started running from me. These are so much easier on her nose and they have just the right amount of Vicks on them to help clear her nose. They are definitely something to recommend!

At first I had also picked up Vicks Baby Rub for her, too but then in the baby aisle I found Little Colds Rub by Little Remedies (all their products are good, too). I hold it open under Emma's nose to let her breathe it in to help open her nose up. I was advised by the doctor, though not to rub it directly on her nose in case it irritated her. I did rub regular Vaseline on her nose, though. It helped soothe her irritated nose and made it easier to clean her nose each time it was needed. The Little Colds Rub isn't near as strong as regular Vicks or the Vicks Baby Rub so I figured she would tolerate it a lot more.

Also by Little Remedies I bought Little Noses -  this by far has helped the most I think. I just spray a little in Emma's nose and it immediately clears her nose out and loosens any mucus that had dried on/in her little nose (I know yucky). It doesn't bother her as much as I was afraid it would. I guess b/c it provides so much relief she immediately gets over it b/c she can breathe!!

All of these remedies help so much and none of them contain any medication whatsoever. Like I said before I will give my daughter medicine if needed and recommended by the doctor, but if there is a way I can help soothe her and heal her w/out drugs that is what I would prefer to do. She is a different baby since we started using these product. I do give her Tylenol or Motrin when she has a fever, but other than that the only meds she is taking now is the antibiotics and ear drops the doctor just prescribed for her. It is such a relief to be able to listen to her breathe normally while she sleeps instead of as if she can't get any air in whatsoever. I know she must have been miserable, poor baby. I'm actually thinking about bringing the humidifier into our room after she gets well b/c many mornings Michael wakes up with a stuffy nose when he isn't sick even. It might help him out a lot, too.

The only dilemma I do have is the Robitussin I have left from before. It really worked well for Emma when she had a runny nose and bad cough before and the doctor said it was probably alright that I gave it to her when this cold first started. I don't know if I should throw it away or keep it to use the next time she gets a cold. I guess when we go back for her follow up I'll ask the doctor, though I am sure I'll be told they cannot recommend that I use it at all. The directions for children under 2 says to call a doctor and that's what I did when I bought it (on the recommendation of the pharmacist and Emma's doctor) and I gave her the amount both the doctor and pharmacist recommended every time. But now they say that cold medicines don't really help children under the age of two - actually, the doctor told me they are trying to get it prohibited for children under the age of six! For now, though besides what the doctor gives me for Emma I'll just stick with the non-medicated remedies b/c I know they help her!


  1. They had been making some vapor patches that worked great for coughs (I guess it'd be like Vick's, but not as messy), but they recalled them because some kid ate one. I found one at my mom's house the last time Lilith was was a life saver! Otherwise, I just put Vick's on her. They also have some little plug in Vick's things. I haven't tried those yet though.
    We used the little noses stuff when Stephen was a baby. Of course, that's when David was home and I was at work, so we didn't use it on Lilith. I doubt I could have. Nose stuff makes me nervous. haha
    I hope they wait on banning the meds for kids under six at least until September, because Lilith gets colds and coughs WAY too often. (Although, the doctor gave us a prescription cough medicine for her, and OMG I think I'm in love with

  2. Just an FYI, Sudacare now makes these vaporizer things that you plug into an outlet and it has a medicated tray that gives off the same scent and effect as using a humidifier, just not all the mess and work to set it up. Kristen uses them all the time in her room when she's congested.

  3. I love the VICKS plugins...and I too LOVED those VICKS patches that were recalled! :) Now I just put the creamy stuff on their back. That seems to help...of course then I have to bathe them before school.

  4. I love your new pictures!

    I hate that they took the OTC medications away - they are punishing responsible parents because of irresponsible parents who don't use them correctly. I hate to sound like some fanatic about insurance and pharmacetical (sp?) but sure is convenient that they will benefit from this.

    I heard the other day that putting vicks vapor rub on the bottom of your feet at night before you go to bed helps relieve congestion and cough.

    Email me we need to get together soon!

  5. We use the Vicks BabyRub on the bottom of the feet remedy and it works wonders for our little girl when she has the sniffles and/or a cough.

    We heard the Vicks plug ins work really well too, but we have not tried them.


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