Friday, January 11, 2008

The Minimalist’s Guide to Fighting (and Beating) Clutter Entropy

I subscribe to several organizing type is called Zen Habits. This morning they had a really good article that I had to bookmark and print out! I'm kind of obsessive about containers - everything has to have a home to be put up correctly so I have tons of containers to keep different things in. If I don't have the proper container, chances are it'll sit out until I find it a good home (this drives Michael insane)! the article this morning really perked my interest about keeping this clutter down.

Basically it had 8 guidelines to follow:

1. One in, two out.

2. Limited storage.

3. Clear floors and flat surfaces. Keep them clear.

4. Designate a home for everything, and be fanatic.

5. Regular decluttering sessions. Put in your calendar.

6. Reduce your desires for more.

7. 30-day list.

8. Change your habits

#4 is me hands down. I am a fanatic about everything having a home and like I said, if it doesn't have a real home it'll sit out either on my counter or bar or I end up with things like junk drawers!! I try to regularly declutter my junk drawer and reorganize it...though Michael has one, too and I am not allowed to touch it! LOL! Under my sink are all kinds of organizers and each has designated inhabitants!

I really like #3 b/c I love to go into someone's house and see clear countertops. My SIL's house is that way and everytime I come home from her house I want to get rid of everything on my countertop! I have a couple decorative things out, but mostly it is just kitchen stuff - the toaster oven, spice rack, utensil holder, paper towel rack, knife rack, and phone...I do use my toaster oven a lot, but I would like to get it off my kitchen counter. That's something that I just have to live with, though b/c we do use it a lot. I have a home for all my other kitchen appliances that don't get used as often, but the toaster oven would not fit in there anyway. I do need to cull down my utensils, though. I did this with the drawer where I keep other utensils (like the potato peeler and can opener) and it made a world of difference. I got rid of a lot and now my drawer looks so much more neat and tidy! Originally I was going to get a bigger cannister for my utensils, but now realize that would just add to the problem - so I need to only put the spatulas and big spoons that I really like in there!

Anyway...I realize you'll get more out of the actual article that reading my ramblings so take a few minutes to go read The Minimalist’s Guide to Fighting (and Beating) Clutter Entropy.


  1. You are my hero! I hate clutter and with my husband and two teenage kids, that seems like all I have. I'm definitely going to read that article. Thanks for the info!

  2. That's funny... It is so hard to keep things to a minimal... It seems like crap gets piled up and I start freaking out! I have always been that way though. Steven laughs at me all the time, because he will try and clean and rearrange the smallest things, and I come home and notice and have to change them back. He even trys to put things out sometimes, and I just go behind him and put them back up! I have serious issues!! ~lol~

  3. One quick-fix for getting your spice rack off the counter is a product my family designed and now sells, called SpiceStack. Its the perfect organizer for 27 spice bottles from the grocery store because it fits up in your kitchen cabinet and allow for fast retrieval of spices while cooking. Best of all, when you are done using your spice, it always goes back where it came from so keeping organized is a breeze!

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