The Minimalist’s Guide to Fighting (and Beating) Clutter Entropy

Friday, January 11, 2008
I subscribe to several organizing type is called Zen Habits. This morning they had a really good article that I had to bookmark and print out! I'm kind of obsessive about containers - everything has to have a home to be put up correctly so I have tons of containers to keep different things in. If I don't have the proper container, chances are it'll sit out until I find it a good home (this drives Michael insane)! the article this morning really perked my interest about keeping this clutter down.

Basically it had 8 guidelines to follow:

1. One in, two out.

2. Limited storage.

3. Clear floors and flat surfaces. Keep them clear.

4. Designate a home for everything, and be fanatic.

5. Regular decluttering sessions. Put in your calendar.

6. Reduce your desires for more.

7. 30-day list.

8. Change your habits

#4 is me hands down. I am a fanatic about everything having a home and like I said, if it doesn't have a real home it'll sit out either on my counter or bar or I end up with things like junk drawers!! I try to regularly declutter my junk drawer and reorganize it...though Michael has one, too and I am not allowed to touch it! LOL! Under my sink are all kinds of organizers and each has designated inhabitants!

I really like #3 b/c I love to go into someone's house and see clear countertops. My SIL's house is that way and everytime I come home from her house I want to get rid of everything on my countertop! I have a couple decorative things out, but mostly it is just kitchen stuff - the toaster oven, spice rack, utensil holder, paper towel rack, knife rack, and phone...I do use my toaster oven a lot, but I would like to get it off my kitchen counter. That's something that I just have to live with, though b/c we do use it a lot. I have a home for all my other kitchen appliances that don't get used as often, but the toaster oven would not fit in there anyway. I do need to cull down my utensils, though. I did this with the drawer where I keep other utensils (like the potato peeler and can opener) and it made a world of difference. I got rid of a lot and now my drawer looks so much more neat and tidy! Originally I was going to get a bigger cannister for my utensils, but now realize that would just add to the problem - so I need to only put the spatulas and big spoons that I really like in there!

Anyway...I realize you'll get more out of the actual article that reading my ramblings so take a few minutes to go read The Minimalist’s Guide to Fighting (and Beating) Clutter Entropy.