Emma has gone tech

Monday, January 28, 2008
Well, she's been on the internet from the moment shew as born...and loves to beat on the laptop now...but now she has something new! My parents started using Skype to talk to friends/family overseas and bought a webcam as well. So, last night I signed up for a Skype account and though I didn't have a webcam Emma got to see my parents through theirs last night and she loved it! She got the biggest kick out of and kept laughing! She reached for my mother through the monitor and then would hold out her hands like, "What's going on...??" but then would get all excited again talking to and seeing her on the computer! So, today at lunch I'm going to get a webcam so they can see her in return when they talk to us!

Let me know if you use Skype so I can add you as a contact!!