Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Am I a girly girl b/c I like pink?

Red is my favorite color, but I really like pink a lot, too. I love hints of pink with brown especially! I like the pink to NOT be the primary color mostly. Just an accent color.

So, this morning I get on the elevator w/ my sling backpack for the gym and my shoes in hand (b/c I grabbed them running out and didn't put them in my bag). My shoes are mostly black, but have pink shoe strings. My bag, coincidentally is also mostly black, but has a pink panel of material on one side. So, I get onto an elevator with a female coworker who notices my shoes and says, "Pink laces..." just matter of factly and grins! I smile back and say..."Yeah, I like pink!" To which she replies that I am a girly girl. I pause for a moment and then turn back to her and say, "Well, I try not to be, but I guess I am...I love pink and red!"

So, I ask - does that make me a girly girl? I never thought of myself as a girly girl. I've always kinda taken exception if anyone insinuated that I was a girly girl. But maybe I am - who knows!?!?

I'm not into bows and frills, though!!!!


  1. lol I don't think liking colors like that make someone girly. Because I like those colors, too... but as you said, not normally as the primary focus color in anything... and I really don't consider myself a girly girl. I own Doc Marten combat boots, for Heaven's sake, and I don't mind sweating!! ;-) Maybe change your laces to blue and proudly display them in front of aforementioned co-worker? :-P

  2. i love pink! :) but i don't like frilly stuff either. i don't think i'm a girly girl, too!and i never got into bows and stuff. they're just jealous because you have pink laces and they don't. :)

  3. I think of you as a sometimes girly girl, but it has nothing to do with liking pink. It is much more a matter of looks and personality. I can totally see being called a girly-girl getting to you though, because I also think of you as quite a tomboy. I didn't know that side of you at first though - so my initial impression was more of your girly side.

    It is ok to be a girly girl. It is even better to like pink.

    Off topic, I've been a blurker through the holidays and while dealing with the computer move, plus I had to take myself offline when in the hospital, then dealing with recovering and then catching up with everything! I had to ground myself so I would behave! :-) I'm back, and I'll try to be better!


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