Work is almost done...Yay!

Thursday, December 20, 2007
After today I am off work until 2008!!! Until January 2nd to be exact...and then I'm only working the 3rd & 4th and will be off that Friday for another three day weekend! I love our new schedules! Every other Friday off, plus for 2008 we have a new PTO (paid time off) policy. It's based on life experience instead of work experience. They took our age minus 22 days and then gave our time off based on the result of that. I ended up getting another week of vacation for next year - times when it's good to be older!! So, now I have five weeks, plus I am carrying over 6 days I didn't get to use this year, plus I have every other Friday and holidays - I figured it comes to about 16+ weeks or something like that!!!! Wonder how much I'll actually get to use?

Next year, though I think I'll just take random Mondays off following some of my Fridays off. Mondays are the best days to take of anyway - it's makes Sundays that much better!!! ;)

I have some last minute errands that I have to run during lunch today and some more Christmas cards that I have to get in the mail - yes, I still haven't mailed them all out - but I think these are the last of them going out today. I still have a couple last minute Christmas gifts to buy as well, but I think I am going to try to take care of those this weekend, not during lunch.

Well, it's taken me over an hour to get this little post done - I really better get back to work so I'll have everything done when it's time to get out of here this afternoon!!!