Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Aren't we all?

I haven't really done a good recap of events lately on here, but that's because just like everyone else, my days are swamped right now!! I am still not finished with my Christmas shopping, though I have the majority of it done at least! And now I've been sick so I really don't even feel like getting out and fighting the crowds - not that I really did before I got sick. Sunday at lunch I think I ate something bad and then got a migraine - I thought it was the migraine that was making me nauseous, but seeing that I spent every fifteen minutes yesterday running to the bathroom getting sick, I really don't think it was just a migraine. I ended up leaving work early yesterday obviously, but didn't feel much better when I got home. The only thing I dared put in my stomach was Cherry Pepto and Orange Gatorade (and for the record, that isn't a good combination coming back - sorry for being graphic)!!

Today is a bit better. I still woke up nauseous and with a headache, but both are subsiding as the day goes along. I drank a big coke this morning and am drinking a diet DP now to help with that.  I did try to go out at lunch and pick up something at the mall that I had on hold, but after driving around for about ten minutes and not being able to find a parking spot I said forget it! I think I'll get Michael to drop me at the door tonight and I'll quickly run in and pick it up instead. I think in 2008 I'll assign everyone a month and during that month I'll buy their Christmas present - maybe coincide it with their b'day since I'll be out shopping for them at gift at that time anyway - I'll just buy two and keep one for Christmas! Yeah, let's see if I stick with that one!! Ha ha!  

Well, gotta keep this short - time to get back to work! 


  1. Hate to hear that you're not feeling good. Hope you get to feeling better before Christmas! You've got an exciting Christmas coming up with Emma!

    That's a great shopping idea as far as breaking it up per month. I'll have to remember that!

  2. Hey hope you feel better... yeah, I hadn't updated in awhile, and then finally did yesterday... it was an eventful weekend! I hear you on the shopping thing... I'm not really sick, but I feel totally drained (probably from being sick recently) and don't feel like getting the last 2 presents I have to get! Not to mention the 20 dozen cookies I'll be baking soon! I second the notion that breaking shopping up into the months year-round is a great idea...! I may try that out this year (but probably not because everyday life will surely catch up with me quickly!) Hope you get well soon!

  3. I hope you get to feeling better!!
    I recently started feeling sick....Tues. I left early and have been trying to get rest just hopeing this does not go into the holidays!! I am at work today going to do all and can get out early and get to bed!! I HATE feeeling sick....especially now....BAD timing!!


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