Aren't we all?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007
I haven't really done a good recap of events lately on here, but that's because just like everyone else, my days are swamped right now!! I am still not finished with my Christmas shopping, though I have the majority of it done at least! And now I've been sick so I really don't even feel like getting out and fighting the crowds - not that I really did before I got sick. Sunday at lunch I think I ate something bad and then got a migraine - I thought it was the migraine that was making me nauseous, but seeing that I spent every fifteen minutes yesterday running to the bathroom getting sick, I really don't think it was just a migraine. I ended up leaving work early yesterday obviously, but didn't feel much better when I got home. The only thing I dared put in my stomach was Cherry Pepto and Orange Gatorade (and for the record, that isn't a good combination coming back - sorry for being graphic)!!

Today is a bit better. I still woke up nauseous and with a headache, but both are subsiding as the day goes along. I drank a big coke this morning and am drinking a diet DP now to help with that.  I did try to go out at lunch and pick up something at the mall that I had on hold, but after driving around for about ten minutes and not being able to find a parking spot I said forget it! I think I'll get Michael to drop me at the door tonight and I'll quickly run in and pick it up instead. I think in 2008 I'll assign everyone a month and during that month I'll buy their Christmas present - maybe coincide it with their b'day since I'll be out shopping for them at gift at that time anyway - I'll just buy two and keep one for Christmas! Yeah, let's see if I stick with that one!! Ha ha!  

Well, gotta keep this short - time to get back to work!