Monday, December 03, 2007

And the saga continues...

I told you about the slacker in our group...well, I got an email from my professor yesterday letting me know that he was meeting with said slacker about his grades. His grades are in trouble (obviously - don't do the work, don't get the grade), but he claims he got a raw deal from the group. WHATTHEHECK!?!? Um, no sir!  So, my professor requested that I send him some correspondence that went on among the group...the class is over just about and this slacker is still making me do work for him!

So, I cut/paste emails dating back to 11/15 (emails only about this last assignment) into a word doc, which ends up totaling over 40 pages. I highlight slacker's email on each one and the TWO emails that I received from him during this time...and the emails where I specifically asked, "Has anyone heard from xxx?" and "XXX we haven't received anything from you so there is nothing in our presentation for you to do..." among the many requests for information from him.

So...I emailed this to my professor at his request and asked if he wanted me to go back further in the semester - he replied no that was plenty! I would think that would be plenty - plenty of proof that this guy did not get a raw deal, that he just didn't do the work.

You are only allowed to make two C's in the MBA program - any more or one grade below a C and you're done, kicked out. It would suck, but at the same time it looks bad on the program to push through people like this that do not do the work. I don't know what's going to happen and really it's none of my business now, but I am afraid I have to see this guy one more time on Thursday night. That's our last class day. My other team mate and I have decided just to be safe we're going to walk to our cars together after class! Is that silly?? Better to be safe than sorry, though. If he blames us I don't want to risk anything happening...


  1. It couldn't hurt... although, I sort of suspect that if he's told he hasn't done well in the class, he may not even show up at all. It sounds as if he's going to have less than a C in the class, in which case he'd be out of the program... being that it seems it was like pulling teeth to get him to act like that's where he wanted to be, maybe he'll be glad he doesn't have to worry about it anymore and just not attend. But, like you said, in the event he does, it doesn't hurt to err on the side of caution, especially when your safety is possibly at stake.

  2. Definately walk out with people I do that at work if I am here at dark and normally we try to walk out together just safer that way. I can not believe this guy though!!!!! What a headache!! At least you are almost done and you are doing really well in this class!! Good for you!!!!

  3. Absolutely don't walk out by yourself! At night shouldn't do that anyway, but especially with that nut case!


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