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Travel Entertainment

I need a good recommendation for a car seat toy!

Happy Birthday to You!


Merry Christmas

From our family to yours - we hope you all had as wonderful a Christmas as we had this year!


Emma got several books for Christmas, too and she loved them as much as she loved the toys she received! I hope she always likes to read! This was one of my favorite pictures of her this Christmas!

First Santa

This wasn't really Emma's first Christmas, but last year she was only three weeks this year was her first real Christmas to be able to play and get excited about presents!!! It was so much fun to watch her get so happy and actually squeal with excitement!

Me & My Sweet Girl

Bundled up going to breakfast!

Work is almost done...Yay!

After today I am off work until 2008!!! Until January 2nd to be exact...and then I'm only working the 3rd & 4th and will be off that Friday for another three day weekend! I love our new schedules! Every other Friday off, plus for 2008 we have a new PTO (paid time off) policy. It's based on life experience instead of work experience. They took our age minus 22 days and then gave our time off based on the result of that. I ended up getting another week of vacation for next year - times when it's good to be older!! So, now I have five weeks, plus I am carrying over 6 days I didn't get to use this year, plus I have every other Friday and holidays - I figured it comes to about 16+ weeks or something like that!!!! Wonder how much I'll actually get to use?

Next year, though I think I'll just take random Mondays off following some of my Fridays off. Mondays are the best days to take of anyway - it's makes Sundays that much better!!! ;)

I have some last minute err…

Aren't we all?

I haven't really done a good recap of events lately on here, but that's because just like everyone else, my days are swamped right now!! I am still not finished with my Christmas shopping, though I have the majority of it done at least! And now I've been sick so I really don't even feel like getting out and fighting the crowds - not that I really did before I got sick. Sunday at lunch I think I ate something bad and then got a migraine - I thought it was the migraine that was making me nauseous, but seeing that I spent every fifteen minutes yesterday running to the bathroom getting sick, I really don't think it was just a migraine. I ended up leaving work early yesterday obviously, but didn't feel much better when I got home. The only thing I dared put in my stomach was Cherry Pepto and Orange Gatorade (and for the record, that isn't a good combination coming back - sorry for being graphic)!!

Today is a bit better. I still woke up nauseous and with a headac…

More Birthday Wishes

Today is my mother-in-law's birthday!! Happy Birthday Barbara!

Birthday Wishes!!!


My Gingerbread House

Much easier and less messy than building one in the kitchen!!!

Make your own...but be sure to share with me so I can see your work!!!

Tree's Up!

View from the bridge

I had a meeting yesterday morning in our building across the water - as I was crossing the bridge I noticed how pretty the view was. Wish I could have stayed out there instead of going in for the meeting!!!

And the saga continues...

I told you about the slacker in our group...well, I got an email from my professor yesterday letting me know that he was meeting with said slacker about his grades. His grades are in trouble (obviously - don't do the work, don't get the grade), but he claims he got a raw deal from the group. WHATTHEHECK!?!? Um, no sir!  So, my professor requested that I send him some correspondence that went on among the group...the class is over just about and this slacker is still making me do work for him!

So, I cut/paste emails dating back to 11/15 (emails only about this last assignment) into a word doc, which ends up totaling over 40 pages. I highlight slacker's email on each one and the TWO emails that I received from him during this time...and the emails where I specifically asked, "Has anyone heard from xxx?" and "XXX we haven't received anything from you so there is nothing in our presentation for you to do..." among the many requests for information from h…

Happy 1st Birthday Baby Girl

Emma wouldn't put down these two babies she got for her b'day so I had to feed her b'day cake to her!!! I thought she would dive in and make a mess, but the dolls were too important to let go of!!! Oh, and the icing got spit out - too sweet, so we just ate the cake part instead!! She had so much fun and so did I!!!