Who says the holidays are stressful?

Wednesday, November 21, 2007
I do! I do!

Not so much b/c of the holidays this year - I actually think this year might be stress free - but b/c of school. I've said it before: graduate school is 100% an endurance challenge! I've taken 6 hours working full time and it keeps be extremely busy, but doing it with a 1 year old (yep, she's just about to be one) is a totally different story! I bow to Pamela for doing it with two kiddos and a husband in grad school, too!  She told me she did a lot of homework in the wee hours of the morning and I've done that, too but that doesn't cut on the stress.

I think it's b/c of the two classes I'm doing this semester. Both are tons of work, but one is tons of work with a group that doesn't communicate. At least 20-40% that doesn't! We've had a couple that have been out for classes and a one that never wants to respond to emails. I feel like there are two of us doing all the work for the group. Thankfully our professor knows everything that is going on and told us he knows how hard we're working - so I feel confident he'll grade us accordingly. He's told us that, too. Doesn't cut down on the workload, though. I've never work with such a disconnected group before. The one who never responds makes me think he's just trying to ride along on our work and get the group grade. I could see that happening in HS and maybe even as an undergrad, but at this level I would expect that everyone would be a lot more responsible and hard working. I've had so many excuses, too. It's ridiculous. I would never assume that anyone else's life is easier than mine, but I can definitely trump all his excuses...which honestly come to think of it, there haven't been that many excuses from him. Just complete lack of communication and no reason when we question him. This assignment, though we're not relying on him - we're doing the work and if we don't get what we want from him in a timely manner he won't be part of the group come presentation time and our professor totally supports us in this if it comes to it, too.

I do believe that my threshold has been reached with this one! I am not looking for any sympathy for everything I've got going b/c I've got into it all myself...I am not whining about the workload...I am venting about the fact of people not carrying their load! The last assignment we did he presented the work that someone else did - so he got off easy that time. This assignment at the last minute he gave us his work, but it wasn't A work by any means. Again our professor knows who is doing what and gives a group grade, but at the end of the semester will grade us each accordingly. So...why complain if I am still going to get grading on my individual work - I don't want to look like an idiot come presentation time! I want to have a good, intelligent presentation of our work...and by "our" I mean those of us in the group that are actually working!

Sorry for the downer post just before the holidays. I've just had work emails going back and forth tonight about it and I've worked myself up to this big vent!!!! Okay - I got that off my chest. Now I am going to go work on our assignment some more before I go to bed! G'night!