Giant step tonight toward the end of the semester...

Thursday, November 29, 2007
Well, after our presentation tonight all I have to do now is a final edit on my research paper, create the bibliography, and do a simple take home exam and I am DONE FOR 2006!

Tonight was pretty unbelievable, though. First we had technical issues b/c for some reason just after the second group started their presentation the electricity went out at the University Center...and in the parking lot...and neighboring buildings and businesses! We were in pitch black for about 60 seconds before the generators kicked on and we had lights in the halls. The first thing I thought was, "crap, we're going to have to wait a whole other week to present this..." something I did not want to do for several reasons!

So, as a class we (the two remaining groups to present) expressed our opinion that we did not want to wait another week. We talked about just adding written explanations to the notes of our powerpoints and emailing them to our professor then somehow he suggested we do that PLUS present them next week. I really didn't want to have this on my plate for the next week b/c I know what would happen. I would stress over it another week - researching for more information, trying to make changes and improvements, I wouldn't be able to let it lie.

PLUS - a big reason I wanted it done was b/c we had such a slacker in our group. In the last three weeks, when the other four of us have sent hundreds of emails and met a couple times (well, me and 1 other met a few times) I have seen two (2) emails from him!!!

Last night we planned to meet on campus to do last minute prep work and finalize our presentation - we never heard a word from him. He showed up five minutes before we were done and sat there without saying anything. I got up to leave and was recapping what everyone was doing and looked at him and said, "You didn't give us anything to contribute to the presentation so there is nothing in here for you to do..." His response was that wasn't true. Oh wait - he sent me one email over a week ago with one little figure and when I asked for back up and support, etc. I got NOTHING from him. Did he really think that would count as contribution??? We have practically begged him to respond to emails - I've told him how ticked I was before and it hasn't seemed to phase him!

So...finally we decided to just use someone's laptop to present. The second group started again...this time they get interrupted b/c we were told they were locking down the University Center in five minutes! NO!!! But before those five minutes are up the lights all come back on! YAY!!! So, that group got finished and we got up to present...and HE got up with us! I wasn't sure what to do. When he saw the first slide he said (under his breath), "Am I out of the group or something? Why isn't my name up there?" To which I respond, "You didn't contribute anything so we didn't have anything for you to do." His answer - "This is bullshit!" Um, what's bullshit is your lack of responsibility!!!! At the graduate level you wouldn't expect to see someone blow off something so big - at least that's what I thought!!

I really would like to have known, though, what was going through his head. What was he planning to do? Just stand up there while all of us presented all the work that we did (not him) and then get the same grade as all of us! I really just couldn't believe he had the gall to get up there like he was part of all the work we were presenting! So, after that ever so brief "confrontation" just as our presentation was beginning I started getting a little knot in my stomach, just b/c I was so angry really! But by the time it was my turn to present it was gone b/c I got in a zone! Man, I have to say that our presentation really kicked butt!!! Our professor and the exec from the company we were presenting on seemed to be really impressed with our line of thinking and the direction in which we took out project! They were very impressed with the view we took and even the exec kept saying it was a view he had never seen before and that it a very interesting angle and a new way to look at things. He said he really liked it!! What a relief I had when it was over...

Now I can relax and finish up the bit of my research paper that I need to and do that one take home exam, that shouldn't be too difficult and I am done for the semester! Stress is about to be gone from my life (at least some of it) and I think I am going to be able to start sleeping again!!! I can't wait! As a matter of fact, I am going to bed right now!!! G'night!