Thursday, November 08, 2007

Gadget Lust

I cannot decide if I like the Blackberry Curve or the iPhone better - I need to go dig up some reviews I guess!!! Not that I can get one right now, but wouldn't one of those make a wonderful graduation gift for me in May!?!?


  1. The iPhone isn't all it's been cracked up to be by the Apple-loving media. If you do any serious texting or emailing on your phone (or think you may), the iPhone is not the better choice. If you plan on watching lots of video and/or listening to music on it, then the iPhone is the winner. I have neither of the phones you're using (I'm using the Moto Q), but of the two you mentioned, the Blackberry seems to be better suited for people in the business world, hence it's heavy acceptance there. But, that's just my $.02.

  2. Yes, I do lots of texting and emailing - so I guess that helps me decide. I also access the web a lot, that's why I thought the iPhone would be a good choice, though I think that can be done fine with the blackberry, too. I have a RAZR now...

  3. Hee Hee....I just got the Treo Centro and love it.

  4. Okay... a little late commenting on this post... but... I do know my brother has a Blackberry that was provided to him by his company. He LOVES it... he too emails and texts a lot (mostly work-related) and says that it's a pretty user friendly device (but I doubt 'user friendly' would be a selling point for someone as technologically inclined as you are!)

  5. I like the Palm Centro, and I loved the TX so I would recommend going with one of the Palm products.

    "Gadget Lust" is a good way to describe my trip to Best Buy the other night. So many cool toys.


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