Backup your backup!

Thursday, November 15, 2007
I have lots of pictures. If you've looked through my fotki albums you know this. I know that fotki backs up so I am not too worried about losing my pictures, but those that are very near and dear to me I keep myself as well. Usually I get pictures off my CF card, save them to a personal file on my computer, name them, & upload them to fotki (and sometimes flickr). Well, I have three computers at home and one at work and honestly I never know which I'll be working on and since my Grannie doesn't have a computer I like to also be able to be sure I take pictures with me when I visit to show her. So, I decided I wanted an portable external hard drive (I show Grannie on a laptop pictures that are saved to the external drive). I get this external hard drive. It's 80GB and so far I've only used less than 7GB on it. Over the weekend I took about 125 pictures of Emma. Monday I took these pictures off my CF card and instead of putting them on my personal drive on the computer, I took them straight to my external hard drive. All looked good. Thumbnails were there no problem - I rotated a few that didn't rotate...and deleted the pictures from my CF card.  Only now there is a problem. I cannot access the folder the pictures are in and when I finally get into it there are no previews available or only partial previews to many of the pics and I cannot open them either. WTF!?!?  And my external hard drive keeps timing out on me when I try to access this folder. All the other folders work perfectly - just the one with these images.

So, since Monday I have been trying "fix" whatever is wrong with my hard drive - all scans so nothing to be wrong - and trying to undelete the images from my CF card so that I could delete alleged corrupt folder from my external hard drive. Well, finally today I have been able to recover my images from my CF card!!!! Granted I do believe that a few of them may be damaged and that may have caused the problem to my external hard drive (I don't know much in the way of repairing hardware) - but now that I have them safely saved (and am creating a back up until I get them uploaded) I am going to delete the file from my external hard drive and see if that helps. B/c last night I started experiencing problems with another folder - I think my hard drive may need to be considered DOA and get something new, though! We'll see!

So, happy dance, happy dance! I've got most of pictures back and that is satisfying to me!!!!

 Lessons learned:

  1. Do NOT delete pictures from CF card until they are safely saved/uploaded.

  2. Do NOT delete pictures from CF via PC - use the camera to format (thanks EJ)

  3. Don't rely on an external hard drive for a back up

  4. RAWKS!!!!!