Sunday, October 07, 2007

The view on the way home...

About ten miles before I got home from spending the day with Elaine this was what I saw! I hoped these clouds would wait until I got home to dump all that water on me, but I wasn't that lucky! It hit me just about two minutes after I took this picture and came down the rest of the way home! I could barely see the car in front of me driving home!!! (That was after Elaine and I had a flat heading to the Greek Festival...which we didn't make it too...)

It was a great day other than those two incidents, though!! I had fun Elaine - we'll do it again next week, minus the flat tire and storm hopefully!! :)


  1. It was wonderful to see you and Emma and I think I enjoyed chatting more than having walked around the festival in the heat. Flat tire sucked but it was resolved so quickly! Yay for roadside assistance! I will get back to you about this weekend, o'tay?


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