The start of my work day...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

This is my view in the mornings when I get to work...though I am moving to a new office next Thursday and it's on the other side of the buiding so I won't see this after then.

I hadn't blogged about it yet I don't think - but I'm getting a new job at work. I am going to work for Financial Planning now. I'll be doing both jobs for a while I think b/c they haven't found a replacement for me yet and it may be a while I'm afraid. I'm excited about this new will be the first time I have worked outside of offshore operations. I'll still be partially involved with offshore b/c now I'll be working on the budget for the entire company, which includes but isn't limited to offshore. After over seven years of working in offshore this will be a big change for me. It will be almost like starting a brand new job b/c I won't be doing anything I'm doing now after they finally get someone hired for my old position.

I'm very excited, but I'll mist my sunrises!