New Mommy Tips: Packing Extra

Friday, October 12, 2007
This past weekend my obsessiveness paid off!! Saturday we went over to Michael's parents' house early in the morning. I didn't know we were going to be there all day so I didn't pack Emma's diaper bag for an all day trip - few diapers, formula, food, etc. Enough for a few hours...we didn't come home until that night! Well, we were okay, though b/c I was prepared!! You know the bags that comforters and sheets come in when you buy them...something like these...well, these are a couple of the things that I use to keep spares of things in the cars (actually I use these kinds of bags for several things - I have a big one my comforter came in full of clothes that Emma has outgrown). I have one in both the jeep and the truck with extra diapers, wipes, and even a bottle with drop-ins (I don't use these at home, just on the go b/c it's easier than having to clean a bottle) and single packs of formula. The formula can be tricky, though. Don't open it and put it in another container - just use a couple of those single use packs so it doesn't go bad. So, when I ran out of diapers this weekend, I knew I had the extra in the car!

Also, for the wipes I used the sample packs (I had tons) that came in the mail while I was pregnant and that I got from the hospital when Emma was born. Since they are still sealed they didn't dry out! Another back up container I use is empty wipee boxes! Usually I buy refills so I don't have a bunch of these boxes lying around, but I did have a couple extra and they are the exact size of a diaper so I can stack several diapers in one box and a travel-size pack of wipes! Another great back up!!

I also keep a stock of travel size needs around. Wipes (both regular ones and Clorox wipes), shout wipes, lotions, balmex/desitin, etc. Most of these things are pretty flat so they can be kept in a small place out of the way - either in one of the containers I suggested above or even in the glove compartment if you don't already have it full!! When I get samples in the mail (when you sign up for baby websites they send you tons of stuff while you're pregnant) for things like baby Tylenol or Triaminic I also keep these (paying attention to the expiration dates) - I usually just keep these in the diaper bag, though. They are small enough that they don't add weight or take up too much room.

Another pre-packing I did was to pack a daddy-diaper bag for Michael. It's a small diaper bag I have packed with the essentials - a couple diapers, small pack of wipes, formula for about three bottles, bottle, drop-ins, an extra onesie (in case there is an accident;) ) and some little snacks. I keep this bag by the back door so if Michael is ever on his own with Emma he can just grab this bag and run. Everytime he brings it back I have to make sure to replenish anything he used of course. 

I know...all this must make me sound like I have OCD, but the effort has really paid off on more than one occasion!! Michael gives me a hard time about always packing and repacking bags, but he would have to admit that it was a good thing I did it, too!! Of course, he probably won't admit it to me!! Ha ha!