Friday, October 12, 2007

New Mommy Tips: Packing Extra

This past weekend my obsessiveness paid off!! Saturday we went over to Michael's parents' house early in the morning. I didn't know we were going to be there all day so I didn't pack Emma's diaper bag for an all day trip - few diapers, formula, food, etc. Enough for a few hours...we didn't come home until that night! Well, we were okay, though b/c I was prepared!! You know the bags that comforters and sheets come in when you buy them...something like these...well, these are a couple of the things that I use to keep spares of things in the cars (actually I use these kinds of bags for several things - I have a big one my comforter came in full of clothes that Emma has outgrown). I have one in both the jeep and the truck with extra diapers, wipes, and even a bottle with drop-ins (I don't use these at home, just on the go b/c it's easier than having to clean a bottle) and single packs of formula. The formula can be tricky, though. Don't open it and put it in another container - just use a couple of those single use packs so it doesn't go bad. So, when I ran out of diapers this weekend, I knew I had the extra in the car!

Also, for the wipes I used the sample packs (I had tons) that came in the mail while I was pregnant and that I got from the hospital when Emma was born. Since they are still sealed they didn't dry out! Another back up container I use is empty wipee boxes! Usually I buy refills so I don't have a bunch of these boxes lying around, but I did have a couple extra and they are the exact size of a diaper so I can stack several diapers in one box and a travel-size pack of wipes! Another great back up!!

I also keep a stock of travel size needs around. Wipes (both regular ones and Clorox wipes), shout wipes, lotions, balmex/desitin, etc. Most of these things are pretty flat so they can be kept in a small place out of the way - either in one of the containers I suggested above or even in the glove compartment if you don't already have it full!! When I get samples in the mail (when you sign up for baby websites they send you tons of stuff while you're pregnant) for things like baby Tylenol or Triaminic I also keep these (paying attention to the expiration dates) - I usually just keep these in the diaper bag, though. They are small enough that they don't add weight or take up too much room.

Another pre-packing I did was to pack a daddy-diaper bag for Michael. It's a small diaper bag I have packed with the essentials - a couple diapers, small pack of wipes, formula for about three bottles, bottle, drop-ins, an extra onesie (in case there is an accident;) ) and some little snacks. I keep this bag by the back door so if Michael is ever on his own with Emma he can just grab this bag and run. Everytime he brings it back I have to make sure to replenish anything he used of course. 

I know...all this must make me sound like I have OCD, but the effort has really paid off on more than one occasion!! Michael gives me a hard time about always packing and repacking bags, but he would have to admit that it was a good thing I did it, too!! Of course, he probably won't admit it to me!! Ha ha!


  1. I use those bags for storage too. For clothes, extra blankets, anything I don't want to have to re-wash to use. I also have some of those space bags (the ones that you suck the air out of with the vacuum) for some of Lilith's baby stuff, but they're not as good as the commercials will lead you to believe.

    As for the diaper bags and baby stuff, I rarely went anywhere, so I didn't have to worry about all that, but our car is so small, I wouldn't have been able to store that stuff anyway. haha

  2. Yeah, I have some of those bags, too (the ones you suck the air out of), but I don't like them - they tear too easily!

  3. Thanks for the great tips!!!
    I really enjoy reading all the tips keep them coming!!


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