Monday, October 15, 2007

Emma is vertical!!

I think after yesterday I can officially say that Emma is walking now!!!! She has been taking a few steps for a while now, but Sunday she didn't crawl much at all - she mostly walked everywhere and this morning when I took her to Grammy's (the babysitter) I put her down and she walked across the floor to Grammy! My baby girl is growing up!! She has that monster-walk going on right now where she doesn't bend her knees too much and her arms are out in front of her. It's so cute. She'll get more stable soon, I am sure. And when I chase her she still drops to her knees to crawl b/c she can zoom across the floor much faster that way still.


  1. STOP IT!!! I can't believe she is walking already! Man, so young!

  2. And I *swear* she can say "All done!" I heard her say it twice as she did her hand motions...

    BTW, the videos of her walking are now public so you can embed the videos into a blog post...

  3. She will be running before you know it!!!

  4. Wow!!
    Thats so exciting!!!!
    I bet she is going to be all over the place!!

  5. I couldn't believe she is walking already... Where has the time gone?? They grow up way too fast for me. Emma looked so cute walking though, she is defiantly growing up! :-)

  6. Thanks for posting those videos Elaine - I took some last night that I am going to post as well!!

    I know - I cannot believe she is walking already either. Last night I was staring at her thinking - Man, is she really this big already!!!!


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